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GentleCath Pro Soft Closed System Catheter Kit

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GentleCath Pro Soft Closed System Catheter Kit

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For those who prefer a catheter that’s still flexible but slightly more firm than red rubber, there’s the GentleCath™ Pro Closed System Soft Catheter Kit. Featuring the same great quality and smooth polished drainage eyelet, the Soft Catheter Kit offers you the comfort of a silicone catheter with the convenience of a closed system with a self-contained collection bag. You can easily cath anywhere you have privacy! Insertion supplies of ambidextrous gloves, an underpad, and a BZK antiseptic wipe are included to help further minimize the risk of infection.


  • Self-contained urine collection bag
  • Soft, silicone introducer tip
  • Insertion supplies included
  • Single-use, sterile
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
12 Fr 421418
14 Fr 421419
14 Fr (no kit) 421431