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Attends Advanced Underwear

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Attends Advanced Underwear

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Attends Advanced Underwear is soft and dry absorbent underwear that provides an alternative to briefs for active individuals. Its design features soft breathable cloth-like fabric and full belly elastic for a contoured fit. The Single Core Plus absorbs incontinence moisture, channeling it and locking it away to keep skin free of irritation, while tear-away side panels make removal fast and easy.


  • Full belly elastic
  • Comfortable stretch waistband
  • Absorbent single-core locks fluid away
  • Odor shield for confidence and dignity
  • Soft breathable fabric
  • Tear-away side panels
Item Numbers Size Measurements Weight
APP0710 Small/Youth 20″ to 34″ Waist 80 – 120 lbs
APP0720 Medium 28″ to 40″ Waist 120 – 175 lbs
APP0730 Large 38″ to 50″ Waist 170 – 210 lbs
APP0740 X-Large 48″ to 64″ Waist 210 – 250 lbs
AU50 XX-Large Bariatric 68″ to 80″ Waist 250+ lbs