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Simplicity Disposable Fluff Underpads

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Simplicity Disposable Fluff Underpads provide moderate absorbency with a non-polymer fluff core for those with urinary incontinence. Underpads, which are also sometimes called chux pads or bed pads, offer additional protection against nighttime bedwetting. In addition, each Simplicity Disposable Fluff Underpad features backing that protects against leakage while resisting melting and bunching. If you want an extra back-up for protecting your furniture or bedding, Simplicity Disposable Fluff Underpads may be a good choice.


  • Moderate absorbency
  • Disposable
  • Spunbound non-woven topsheet allows fluid to pass quickly into the absorbent core
  • Backsheet barrier for extra protection
Item Numbers Size
7105 / 7105A 17″ x 24″
7134 23″ x 24″
7174 23″ x 36″