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Tranquility Select Disposable Underpads

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Tranquility Select Disposable Underpads each feature a diamond-embossed quilt pattern that quickly absorbs moisture. Plus, its moisture-proof backing holds up to 19.4 ounces of liquid. Underpads, which are also known as chux pads, bed pads, and chair pads, offer heavy incontinence protection for your bedding, mattress, furniture, and wheelchairs. Try Tranquility Select Disposable Underpads for your heavy urinary incontinence needs.


  • Quilted design picks up and locks away fluids faster
  • Protects beds and other furniture
  • Multiple color-coded sizes
Item Numbers Absorbency Size Color
2675 Moderate 23″ x 36″ Large Blue
2677 Moderate 28″ x 30″ Extra Large Green
2679 Moderate 36″ x 36″ Ultra Large Beige