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Tranquility TopLiner Booster Contour Pads

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Tranquility TopLiner Booster Contour Pads

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Tranquility TopLiner Booster Contour Pads fit easily into your diapers, briefs, or other protective incontinence garments by adding a larger absorbent area. Its flow-through design allows each booster pad to fill and then finally pass on the rest of the fluid into the host garment, ultimately giving you extra protection where you need it most. Not only do TopLiner Booster Contour Pads make clean-up easier, but they also reduce the need for nighttime changes. Its hourglass shape also helps contain fecal incontinence as well as urinary incontinence.


  • Added protection
  • Odor reduction provides a more discreet presence
  • Easy clean-up and changing
  • Provides extra protection in addition to protective garments
  • Absorbency: 13.6 oz/403 mL, size Contour
Item Numbers Size Length/Width
3096 Contour 21.5″ x 13.5″
3097 Super-Plus 32″ x 14″