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Wings™ Overnight Quilted Adult Incontinence Briefs

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Wings™ Overnight Quilted Adult Incontinence Briefs

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Cardinal Health Wings™ Overnight Quilted Adult Incontinence Briefs offer overnight protection with a super-absorbent core that quickly locks away fluid while neutralizing unpleasant odors. Each pair of Wings™ Overnight Adult Incontinence Briefs have a quilted look and feel, which makes them quieter and more discreet adult diapers. In addition, each pair of nighttime adult briefs have airflow technology, plastic-free non-woven wings, and breathable side panels to keep your skin cool and dry while minimizing heat buildup during the night.

If you deal with nighttime bedwetting or urine leakage at night, Wings™ Overnight Adult Briefs may be the solution for you. Contact our Incontinence Specialists to find out more.


  • Heavy absorbency
  • Dual-Air system provides a dry environment
  • Hook and loop fastening system allows correct fit and adjustable sides
  • Super absorbent core to quickly lock in fluid and neutralize unpleasant odors
  • Cloth-like backsheet helps make more discreet
Item Numbers Size Measurement
63072 / 63072A Small 20″ to 31″ Waist
63073 / 63073A Medium 32″ to 44″ Waist
63074 / 63074A Large 45″ to 58″ Waist
63075 / 63075A X-Large 58″ to 64″ Waist