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Diamonds™ Gelling and Odor Control Sachets

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Convatec Diamonds™ Gelling and Ostomy Odor Sachets are an ideal complement to any ileostomy pouching routine. Each gelling sachet helps solidify liquid contents in your ileostomy bag while also reducing excess gas. This will provide a flatter, more discreet ostomy pouch. In addition, its ActiveOne™ Odor Control helps reduce any unpleasant smells in your ostomy bag. Not only does this result in greater comfort, but users also often find that Diamonds™ gelling sachets help prevent leakage from their ostomy pouch. Plus, you may find reduced sleep disruptions due to the need to drain or release gas.

Diamonds™ sachets are ideal for those with an ileostomy or a colostomy with liquid stool output. Please note this is not for ostomates with a urostomy (urine). Each jar includes 100 sachets. You should never open the Convatec Diamonds Gelling Sachets. Instead, you only have to place them directly into your empty ostomy pouch.

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Item Numbers Description Quantity
TR105 Gelling and Odor Control Sachets 100 Sachets per Jar


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