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Ostomy Resources and Support

Ostomy supplies and cosmetic bagLooking for information about living with an ostomy? 180 Medical’s Ostomy Resources page is a great place to start. Take a look at the provided links below, which include information for how to apply an ostomy appliance, where to find support, and more about the 180 Medical College Scholarship Program.

In addition, if you have any more questions or need product support, contact our Ostomy Specialists. We’re glad to be your number one resource!

Ostomy Products and Resources

180 Medical Ostomy Product Catalog
180 Medical proudly carries Convatec ostomy products to suit our customers’ diverse needs. Our high-quality ostomy supplies include one-piece and two-piece pouches, flat and convex skin barriers, pediatric ostomy products, and even accessories such as barrier strips and adhesive removers.

Thanks to OstomySecrets, you can find all kinds of helpful ostomy accessories to help you feel more comfortable, secure, and discreet. Their offerings for men, women, and children with ostomies include wraps, underwear, and swimwear. In addition, OstomySecrets offers skincare items such as skin cleansers, moisturizers, protectants and barrier creams. Plus, you can find helpful ostomy accessories such as Diamonds™ gelling sachets with odor control, sting-free barrier wipes, and more.

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Education and Instructions for Life with an Ostomy

Ostomy Care and Application Instructions
One of our core values at 180 Medical focuses on the importance of education. Because of that, we like to offer helpful instructions through step-by-step videos for using your supplies hygienically. Topics include how to apply your ostomy system and keep your skin healthy. Plus, we offer some free printable literature about living with your urostomy, colostomy, and/or ileostomy.

180 Medical Blog Posts for Living with an Ostomy
180 Medical’s blog offers a wealth of helpful information for new and seasoned ostomates. We regularly update our blog with weekly content and topics including diet after ostomy surgery, top travel tips, how to pick an ostomy wafer, and even tips for improving sleep quality after ostomy surgery.

Ostomy Support

Convatec Ostomy
Through Convatec’s ostomy page, you can find out more about the 3 types of surgeries: colostomy, ileostomy, and urostomy, as well as what to expect before, during, and after your surgery. You’ll find answers to questions about learning how to care for your stoma and peristomal skin. Plus, Convatec provides help and tips for understanding your feelings after your ostomy surgery, nutrition, travel, and even intimacy.

me+ Program
In addition to the above information, Convatec has a special support program called me+. With me+, you get “advice and tools for every step of your ostomy journey.” On top of that, you can connect to a large and growing community of fellow ostomates for online support and personal tips as well as inspiration. Plus, Convatec me+ provides tips for style, stoma care, travel, physical activity, navigating public restrooms, and so much more.

Ostomy Inspire
Seeking an online support group for ostomates? Ostomy Inspire offers a free, safe online community where you can speak with others living with ostomies.

United Ostomy Associations of America
UOAA is a nonprofit organization offering support and advocating for people living with ostomies across America.

Ostomy College Scholarships

180 Medical College Scholarship Program
We offer an annual scholarship opportunity to college students who have a urostomy, ileostomy, or colostomy, as well as other certain conditions. Learn more details, including eligibility, at our scholarship page.

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Ostomy Resources

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