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Ostomy Care & Application Instructions

Facing life with a new ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy can feel daunting, but 180 Medical is here for you. We’ve put together a range of helpful ostomy care instructions, ostomy instructional videos, and other printable resources for living with an ostomy.

The below videos and ostomy care instructions cover the need-to-know basics, including how to size your stoma, how to apply your ostomy pouching supplies, and how to keep your peristomal skin healthy.

Ostomy Care Instructions Videos

Measuring – How to Size Your Stoma
Learn how to accurately measure your new stoma with this helpful instructional video.


Keeping Your Peristomal Skin Healthy
Find out how to keep your peristomal skin healthy with proper ostomy care.

Getting Started: The Basics of Ostomy Application
Convatec shares guidance on how to apply your ostomy pouch in this ostomy instruction video.
Convatec Ostomy Pouching System Application Video
Learn how to apply your Convatec pouching ostomy system with this helpful ostomy bag application instructional video.
What is the Convatec me + Program?
The Convatec me + Program is designed to help you navigate life with an ostomy with support, resources, and a community of others living with ostomies.
Mature Content Disclaimer: Certain content may contain graphic depictions and descriptions for general informational and educational purposes, which may be offensive to some viewers. 180 Medical disclaims all responsibility for such materials. Do not use this in place of advice from your prescribing healthcare provider.

Printable Ostomy Instructions

insert_drive_fileLiving with Confidence After Colostomy Surgery
insert_drive_fileLiving with Confidence After Ileostomy Surgery
insert_drive_fileLiving with Confidence After Urostomy Surgery

Ostomy Care Instructions and Pouch Application in Bathroom

180 Medical Offers Personalized Ostomy Support

180 Medical provides high-quality ostomy supplies with personalized, friendly customer service. We want to ensure you have all the ostomy resources and information you need to live confidently with your stoma.

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Plus, we can connect you by phone to a team of certified ostomy nurses for questions that require a professional’s help.

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