180 Medical Employee Spotlight: Referral Specialist

180 Medical is a national leader in the intermittent catheter industry, and we also provide ostomy and other related supplies. We recruit employees who are positive, hard-working individuals who want to enjoy going to work. We offer a competitive benefits package, extensive training, and many fun extras and perks.

Meet Dennis, a Referral Specialist who has worked at 180 Medical for 4 years now!

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What are some of your main job duties as a Referral Specialist?

The Warm Transfer department has a wide variety of projects that we are responsible for. Our primary goal is making sure that any customer that is referred to 180 Medical and cannot be serviced is transferred to a provider who can meet their needs. This happens in varying situations, such as when a customer has insurance that we are not contracted with or if they require medical supplies that we do not normally provide (since we specialize in intermittent catheters and ostomy supplies). Even when we can’t provide for a customer, we take extra care and effort to make sure that they get transferred to a provider who can handle their needs. We also work on various special projects that need to do throughout the year.

What do you love most about 180 Medical?

180 medical dennis garyI love our on-site gym! Once I leave work for the day, I don’t have the time or the energy to go the gym. But 180 Medical provides us with a training facility and the availability to work out before, during (on lunch break), and/or after work. And that’s really just one of many excellent perks & benefits of 180 Medical — not to mention the amazing people I get to work with every day!

I just don’t think you will be able to find a better workplace in Oklahoma. We do things a little different at 180 Medical, but that’s what makes us special.

What’s one of your favorite stories of how you helped a fellow employee here?

I was moving from one apartment to another, and two other people on my team were moving too. We all banded together one Saturday and helped each other move. It was a great team effort that created the foundation of our friendship.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. I love doing community service and giving back to my city, and I am a huge sports fan.

A big thanks to Dennis and our great team of Referral Specialists!


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About the Author
Jessica is a Marketing Specialist at 180 Medical, and she's been a part of the 180 family for 11 years. Her favorite part of working here is seeing the positive impact we can make on others' lives and in our community.

She loves cooking vegetarian meals at home, gardening, creative writing, discovering new music and podcasts, Peloton cycling, and spending quality time with her fiancé and their 3 awesome dogs.