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New Live Chat Feature on 180 Medical Website

180 Medical offers a brand new Live Chat feature on our website. We believe you deserve the best customer service experience possible when it comes to your catheter, incontinence, and ostomy supplies! That’s why you can now easily contact us online during our business hours!

Use Live Chat on the 180 Medical website

How to Contact 180 Medical on Live Chat

You may have a pretty busy schedule ahead of you, and we understand that squeezing in a phone call in the middle of your day isn’t always the easiest option. For many working people, the phone may not be the most convenient mode of contacting us during our business hours.

Now there’s another option available for you, all at the convenience of the nearest computer with an internet connection!

Steps for Accessing 180 Medical’s Online Chat

Whether you just want to inquire about receiving your supplies from 180 Medical or you’re already an existing customer, you can use our online chat at 180 Medical.

Just access Live Chat by clicking the button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen when you go to any page on One of our friendly specialists will be glad to help you during our business hours!

180 Medical website screenshot

180 Medical Customer Portal is Also an Option

In addition to our online chat, we offer another easy way to make changes, track orders, pay bills online, and more.

180 Medical customers now get secure access to their own 180 Medical accounts at With your 180 Medical customer account online, you can:

  • Track your orders;
  • Confirm upcoming shipments;
  • Update your address, phone numbers, or other contact information;
  • Pay bills and complete paperwork;
  • Receive secure messages;
  • and more!

We’re always listening to your feedback to continue to improve our customer service experience. That’s why we’re proud to offer you easy alternatives to contacting us by email or phone.

Give our online Live Chat a try today by clicking on the chat button in the bottom right-hand of your screen and connect with a live specialist.

Call Toll-Free (877) 688-2729

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New Live Chat Feature on 180 Medical Website
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