Pocket Catheters 101

Pocket catheters are in demand, as more people want an intermittent urinary catheter that offers them discretion, privacy, and peace of mind along with comfort. Find out more about some of the main types that could work for you!

Recognizing Veterans Day at 180 Medical

On Veterans Day, we love to take time to recognize and honor our United States military veterans. In our latest blog, meet two of 180 Medical’s employees who are Air Force veterans!

Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week at 180 Medical

180 Medical is participating in Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week from November 5th to the 11th this year. Find out more about our commitment to integrity and ethics and a little more about our Compliance Department and the important work they do in our latest blog.

Honoring Urology Nurses & Associates Week

It’s Urology Nurses and Associates Week, & we are honored to be able to work alongside and know so many hardworking, compassionate urology nurses, doctors, and associates. Find out more about the important role they play in healthcare!