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180 Medical Difference Makers Employee Anniversary Program

180 Medical Difference Makers Employee Anniversary Program Giving Back

At 180 Medical, we share a mission to make a positive impact in the lives of our customers as well as in our communities. Our unique Difference Makers Employee Anniversary Program is just one way we do this. It empowers employees to support charities close to their hearts while being rewarded for their commitment and contributions.

Several of our employees have shared their individual anniversary stories and what reaching this major milestone has meant to them.

Celebrating Milestones with Our Employee Anniversary Program 

Voted as one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma for 14 years, our employees’ feedback about working at 180 Medical really speaks for itself. From providing fun company events to awarding our outstanding employees at quarterly meetings, we love showing our appreciation for our team.

Also, our long-time employees get some extra cool perks. Team members who reach their 5th year of working for 180 Medical receive a personalized bobblehead that showcases their uniqueness, including their pets, favorite hobbies, and more.

5-year anniversary bobbleheads at 180 Medical

At the 10-year milestone, employees not only get a customized caricature of themselves. They also get a chance to participate in the Difference Makers Employee Anniversary Program. 10 and 15-year employees get to choose a charitable organization that is close to their hearts, and 180 Medical will donate money in their honor to support that organization’s mission.

It’s just one more way we love to give back while recognizing the profound impact our awesome employees make every day.

Rhonda’s Story: A Personal Connection to Alzheimer’s Disease

Rhonda, one of our dedicated Office Coordinators, has been with 180 Medical for nearly 12 years now. She says, “I love every aspect of working here. The people, the culture, the customers, the leadership. They truly do care, and I feel that every single day. Thank you so much for the opportunity to belong to this phenomenal company where we get to help change lives!”

Rhonda's 10 Year Caricature
Rhonda’s 10 Year Anniversary Caricature

Upon reaching her 10-year anniversary with 180 Medical in 2022, Rhonda chose to support the Alzheimer’s Association through the Difference Makers program. Her choice was a deeply personal one.

“My grandmother (Mimi) had Alzheimer’s,” Rhonda shared. “Watching the progression and how it affected my family really made me aware of how much this disease impacts everyone it touches. Mimi passed away in 2016, although she was missed many years before this.”

The Alzheimer’s Association became a touchstone for her family for support during those years of caregiving. “They helped my mother through some very dark times as there is someone available to talk to 24/7.”

Today, Rhonda applies that experience to what we do at 180 Medical. “We serve many people and their caregivers. I will always look at what I do from the perspective of those who are going through the same things that my family did. It is such a help to have someone who understands and can be patient and compassionate on the other end of the line to help ease the burden of the daily challenges they may face. I feel I’m better equipped in my role to help make sure that our customer and their families receive the supplies they need when they need them. It’s one less thing for them to have to worry about.”

Jennifer’s Story: Committing to Fighting Cancer

Jennifer, a Billing Administrative Specialist at 180 Medical, just reached her 10th anniversary with 180 Medical in 2023. “It feels great to say I’ve worked for 180 Medical for 10 years now! To know that we really make a difference in people’s lives is just so important to me. Knowing I am helping lighten someone’s load is truly a difference-maker in my life. It’s one of the reasons I’ve stayed with 180 Medical as long as I have! 180 Medical is the best!”

Jennifer's 10 Year Anniversary Caricature
Jennifer’s 10 Year Anniversary Caricature

Jennifer chose the American Cancer Society for her Difference Makers contribution. Her connection to the American Cancer Society runs deep after several of her beloved family members have lost their lives to cancer, including her father and best friend.

To Jennifer, supporting the American Cancer Society through the Difference Makers Employee Anniversary Program is a way to honor the memory of their loved ones while contributing to the fight against cancer.

Christina’s Story: A Passion for Animal Welfare

Christina, our Operations and Accreditation Manager, has worked for 180 Medical for nearly 11 years now. She reached her 10-year anniversary in 2023, and she’s still super passionate about what she does and our overall mission.

Christina's 10 Year Anniversary Caricature
Christina’s 10 Year Anniversary Caricature

To her, one of the best things about working at 180 Medical is the people and the culture. “Our culture continues to thrive because of the people who choose 180 Medical as a career versus a stepping stone. During Collaboration Days and Homecoming Weeks in the office, it is electric to see our headquarters’ hallways fill up with smiles, laughter, and a level of enthusiasm that takes us from co-workers to friends and family. While many of us work remotely now, employees still feel engaged and connected whether they’re a few feet to thousands of miles away. 180 Medical’s culture is second class to none. I think this is a direct result of 180 Medical hiring employees who are second class to none. That’s what I love about 180 Medical and why, year after year, I choose to stay.”

Mark, Christina, and Angie
Pictured with COO Mark Jassey (left) and Angie Christopher, VP of Human Resources and Talent (right), Christina (center) was a recent recipient of the prestigious 180 Medical Company Coin

For Christina’s 10th anniversary milestone with 180 Medical, she wanted the contribution in her honor to support a local no-kill animal shelter, Second Chance Animal Rescue. “Second Chance prioritizes the health and care of each animal in their service,” Christina said. “They do not give up on an animal, and I appreciate their level of care and dedication. You can tell how much they care about their mission, so when we expanded our family, it was obvious we were going there to adopt.”

Bobbie’s Story: Being a Voice for the Children

Bobbie has been a part of our Renewals team for over 11 years. She shared, “The best part about working at 180 Medical is the kindness that everyone shows both inside and outside of work. I love our quarterly meetings and getting to see people receive awards for everything they do. And most of all, I love that we all share a willingness to help our customers. The best reward of all is getting to make a difference in their lives.”

Bobbie's 10 Year Anniversary Caricature
Bobbie’s 10 Year Anniversary Caricature

For her 10th anniversary, she chose a mission close to her heart, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®. This institution is one of the leaders in advancing research and providing world-class care to children who are battling cancer and other serious diseases while ensuring that no family receives a bill for treatment, travel, housing, or food.

She shared how special it is that 180 Medical offers the employee anniversary program donation as a way to make a positive impact on children’s lives. “I also donate to St. Jude every month. Those children are so special to me, and someone needs to be a voice for them.”

180 Medical’s Employee Anniversary Program Fosters a Culture of Giving Back

The Difference Makers Employee Anniversary Program is just one way we show our employees how much we appreciate them, and it also helps strengthen our sense of community here.

As Christina has said, “180 Medical has always been built on community. This is evident by our scholarship program, our participation in annual charitable events like the OKASA Wheelchair Basketball Tournament, and many other fundraising campaigns throughout the year. Difference Makers allows employees the opportunity to contribute in ways they normally may not be able to.”

A big thank you to Rhonda, Jennifer, Christina, Bobbie, and all our employees who genuinely make a difference every day. Your contributions matter, and we are proud to have you as part of the 180 Medical family!

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180 Medical Difference Makers Employee Anniversary Program
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