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3 Reasons Why Employees Enjoy Working at 180 Medical

Why has 180 Medical been named one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma for 12 years? There are plenty of reasons why our employees love working here at 180 Medical.

The Best Places to Work Award, created by the Best Companies Group, recognizes the top employers and best workplaces in the state. They determine which companies have the best business practices, the happiest employees, and positive workplace culture. The judging is based on unbiased information straight from the source: our employees’ anonymous feedback. We’re proud that 180 Medical’s employees consistently review their experiences working for 180 Medical as very positive.

Top 3 Reasons Why We Love Working at 180 Medical

Here are the top 3 responses that our employees give when asked what they love about working at 180 Medical.

1. Opportunities for career growth in a supportive team-based environment

chris 180 medical employee quoteAfter you get hired at 180 Medical, you’ll begin in-depth on-the-job training to become a specialist at what you do.

As you transition into your role, you’ll always have coworkers and supervisors who are more than ready to help you out and answer your questions. Additionally, if you like having clear objectives to achieve and goals to aim for, then you’ll love how we take the time to sit down for face-to-face meetings. Together with your supervisor, you can discuss your career goals as well as get an understanding of the steps to take to be successful at your job.

We make sure to recognize employees who go above and beyond regularly too, including chances to win awards at our quarterly meetings.

One of the things employees say over and over again about 180 Medical is the great environment and how much they appreciate their coworkers and leadership teams.

At 180 Medical, you get to work alongside team players who foster a friendly attitude and a happy environment. You know you’ll never be left high and dry when you need something. Instead of dreading your workday, you’ll be looking forward to what the day brings at 180 Medical.

We think it says a lot that our employees continue to rate us highly, especially when it comes to their careers and our positive work culture.

180 Medical really is a great place to work. There is so much opportunity for growth and development. It’s very hard to become complacent because you learn something new every day, and everyone around you wants to see you succeed. We are a team, and it takes effort from everyone on our team to complete our mission.
Jacob, Client Specialist

2. Loving what they do every day in a mission to help others

180 medical employee reviews lindsey 1What are some other reasons why people love working at 180 Medical? A top answer is the happiness employees get by having a chance to make a positive impact on people’s lives

At 180 Medical, we operate by a set of standards that we call “the 180 Way.” It boils down to 5 main points, including:

  • Being Specialists at what we do
  • Genuinely offering others Compassion
  • Providing top tier Service to our customers
  • Operating with Integrity in every interaction
  • Giving Education to make sure our customers are healthy and well-informed

Having a mission that we can all get behind leads to higher job satisfaction. In other words, no matter our job title, we all contribute toward a common goal with a higher purpose.

We do what we love and love what we do at 180 Medical while taking care of people who really need us. Whether they require catheters or ostomy supplies, our customers are often dealing with difficulty and stress, and we’re glad to have a part in turning their lives around.

3. Great benefits and fun events

There are plenty more reasons to love working at 180 Medical, and a big part of that includes all the extras that come with the job here.

180 medical employee shree 3

Comprehensive Benefits

For example, 180 Medical offers all full-time employees a great benefits package. This includes health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, and even short- and long-term disability plans.

On top of that, 180 Medical employees also enjoy opportunities to invest in their future with a 401(k) retirement plan with a generous company match of up to 6%.

We also provide paid time off, holidays, and sick leave because we want our employees to keep a healthy work-life balance.

Fun Perks

In addition, 180 Medical has a casual dress code at our office locations. Not many companies give you a chance to leave your dress pants, ties, or high heels at home. However, when you work at 180 Medical, you get to wear the clothes you love best like jeans and t-shirts. This way, you can stay comfortable and happy as you work to take care of our customers throughout the day.

180 Medical loves holidays, so employees get chances to participate in fun dress-up days like wearing their pajamas to work during Spirit Week or participating in our annual Halloween costume contest. You’ll get to be a part of bake-offs, decorating contests, and regular office potlucks and snack days.

We like to have fun, but at 180 Medical, we’re also all about giving back. Employees love to participate in charitable community events and fundraisers when they can.

Also, meeting certain goals could make you eligible for other incentives like quarterly awards, gift cards, catered snacks, and even bonuses, depending on your job position.

180 Medical Headquarters

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3 Reasons Why Employees Enjoy Working at 180 Medical
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