5 FAQs About Ostomy

New to the world of ostomy supplies? We understand the difficulties you may have with finding the right products for your individual needs, so with this post, we aim to clear up any confusion and answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding ostomies.

What is an ostomy?

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An ostomy is the surgical creation of an artificial opening, known as a stoma, which diverts the flow of bodily waste for medical reasons.

There are three different kinds of ostomies, depending on where and how the surgeon creates the opening:

  • Colostomy (from the colon to divert the flow of formed stool)
  • Ileostomy (from the ileum, or small intestine, to divert the flow of loose stool)
  • Urostomy (from the urinary system to divert the flow of urine)


What ostomy supplies are available?

Each type of ostomy requires its own types of products due to the varying consistencies and types of output. For instance, a urostomy pouch with a valve and drain would not work for a colostomy output of formed stool). There are also a lot of options out there, which can feel overwhelming, especially at first while you’re trying to figure out what works best for you.

Let’s simplify it by looking at the two main pouching system types:

  • Two-piece systems have a separate skin barrier (wafer) that adheres to the skin. The pouch, which collects the waste, can be attached and detached without removing the barrier. One of the benefits of using a two-piece system is that it may be a little easier on your skin, since you can change the pouch several times without removing the adhesive barrier from your skin.
  • One-piece systems are all-in-one units. Each time you need to change your pouch, the entire system, including the skin barrier, is removed. Some people find these more convenient, since it involves fewer steps and parts than the two-piece option.

ConvaTec offers top-quality options in both types of systems for each type of ostomy, and we can work with you to determine what will work best for your needs and preferences.

How do I know which ostomy products are right for me?

With the guidance of your prescribing healthcare professional, you can find the right regimen and basic product types that will work best for your particular situation.

No one product or system works for everyone, since each situation and body type is different and unique. For instance, stoma size and protrusion, skin condition, ostomy type, and personal preferences will all need to be taken into consideration when determining the right products for you.

At 180 Medical, we’re knowledgeable about the newest ostomy supplies available as well as the tried-and-true products that have stood the test of time. Our Ostomy Specialists can help evaluate your options and even give you a few samples to try so you can be confident about what items you will receive before you place the full order.

What if I have problems with my ostomy supplies?

It’s completely normal for your product needs to change over time, especially while you’re still healing after a recent ostomy surgery. Body size and shape could change, your stoma could settle, and more. So occasionally, you may find yourself needing to update the size or shape of your products.
If you notice that your system isn’t working the way it should for you (not fitting correctly, leaking, causing skin irritation), you may want to discuss this issue with a professional. At 180 Medical, we have direct access to a team of trained WOC (Wound, Ostomy, and Continence) nurses who can help with any questions you may have. Give us a call, and we’ll get you connected. Often, the solution is simple, and an easy size change or accessory addition to your regimen may solve your problem.

How do I start getting ostomy supplies?

Just give us a call or contact us online via Live Chat today. We can send you regular orders every 30 or 90 days (1 month or 3 month orders) to ensure that you always have the products you need on hand. You can have confidence that you won’t run out of supplies, plus you will have an easy contact available during our business hours with a trained Ostomy Specialist.

Give us a call at 1-877-688-2729 to get started, and we’ll take care of your ostomy supply needs so you can get back to living the life you love.

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