Advantages of a Catheter Kit

If you use an intermittent catheter on a regular basis, you may find yourself with a few supplies that you’ve got to keep track of for each catheterization. You need to have enough catheters, lubricant, gloves, etc., on hand and ready.

One way to avoid having to keep track of all of these accessories in addition to your catheter is to just use a catheter kit instead.

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Some advantages of a catheter kit include:

  1. Privacy and ease of use – A closed-system catheter kit includes a flexible catheter as well as accessories that further help to prevent the risk of urinary tract infections. With an all-in-one package, the catheter kit is easier to transport and use privately and quickly. You can self-cath just about anywhere – whether at home, in a public restroom stall, or any other private space.
  2. The introducer tip – Most catheter kits today include an introducer tip, which is a lubricated tip which enters the first quarter inch or so of the urethra, which is the part that with the highest concentration of bacteria. closed system collection bagThus, when the actual catheter is deployed from the introducer tip, it is already beyond the main bacteria risk area and is far less likely to push bacteria into the body along with it.
  3. Pre-lubricated – Catheter kits typically have a pre-lubricated, sterilized catheter so that you do not have to lubricate it yourself.
  4. A collection bag – Although you may prefer to drain your catheter directly into a toilet or urinal, there can be advantages to using a collection bag. It allows you to inspect the urine for discharge, measure how much there is, and make sure you’re not dehydrated.
  5. Options for the mobility-impaired and limited dexterity – Most catheter kits are perfect for those in wheelchairs. If you have limited hand strength, there are special kits available to make the catheter easier to use correctly. You can ask one of our Product Specialists about these catheter kits.
  6. Everything included all in one – Probably the biggest advantage of a catheter kit is that it includes everything you could need all in one place. You don’t have to remember to pack your gloves when you walk out the door in the morning—they’re in there. Sterilizing pads? Also there. Everything you need to use your catheter is in the kit, in the quantity you need, ready to go.

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