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Alaina Overcomes Spinal Stroke to Help Others

Meet Alaina, 2018 180 Medical Spinal Stroke Scholarship Recipient

180 Medical’s Scholarship Program was started by our founder Todd Brown. Since then, we proudly offer an annual scholarship award to 7 aspiring students to help finance their education goals. On our blog, we’re introducing all our amazing 2018 recipients. Today, we’d love to introduce you to a spinal stroke scholarship recipient, Alaina.

2018 Scholarship Recipient Overcomes  Rare Spinal Stroke

Throughout Alaina’s time in school, she worked to keep her grades up while juggling her hobbies and volunteer opportunities. She served as a children’s camp counselor every summer for 5 years. Also, she stayed active in Cross Country and Spanish Club among other activities. She also tutored and volunteered at Hope House and the Special Olympics as a Basketball and Track Coach.

On top of that, Alaina maintained her status on the Honor Roll. She even made the school’s Century Club each year, a high honor awarded to the top 100 students with the highest GPA at her school.

Then one day, a tragedy altered her life forever. In August of 2016, a sudden sharp pain spread over her chest and back. Within just 2 hours, Alaina was paralyzed from her toes to her stomach.

One doctor explained to her and her family Alaina had suffered a rare spinal stroke. He called it “bad luck.”

Spinal stroke can occur when the blood supply to the spinal cord is somehow cut off. It occurs in less than 2% of all stroke types.

She and her family tried to stay strong when they were told that Alaina would be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
Every day I could give up but I choose to persevere - Alaina

Her Recovery from Spinal Stroke Leads to a Career Decision

Alaina transferred to a rehab hospital in the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network where another doctor told her she could likely walk again. Alaina became determined she would learn to walk again.

Through sheer determination, Alaina worked hard to relearn how to shower and dress. During her time there, she also met and was inspired by other patients with spinal cord injuries who also went through tragic experiences yet still managed to smile and stay focused on their goals.

In just under a month after her spinal stroke, Alaina began to wiggle her toes and move her legs, then in 6 weeks post-stroke, she walked with a walker. Today, she walks with pride with the assistance of her forearm crutches.

Alaina credits the caring medical team and her primary nurse for their compassion and for giving her new hope. Because of them, Alaina has been inspired to pursue a career in nursing. Her own primary nurse cried on the day Alaina wiggled her toes for the first time.

Alaina with her graduation cap

I want to see patients reach milestones they never imagined possible. I want to be their biggest fans, to give them fantastic news, but also comfort them during the bad.

Alaina has consistently demonstrated a drive to serve and help others, so we here at 180 Medical are so excited to see her enter the noble field of nursing. We’re sure she will be turning many lives around throughout her career!

About 180 Medical’s Scholarship Program

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Alaina Overcomes Spinal Stroke to Help Others
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