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Product News: GentleCath Air™ Catheter for Men

Product News - GentleCath Air Catheter for Men

Have you heard about the new Convatec GentleCath Air™ Catheter? It’s the latest advancement in high-quality, discreet catheters for men available on the market today. Find out more about its unique design, easy-to-use features, and how it may help aid you in your daily catheterization routine.

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All About the New GentleCath Air™ Catheter

The GentleCath Air™ Catheter for Men is a state-of-the-art hydrophilic male catheter that combines a discreet, sleek design with functionality and comfort. It features FeelClean™ Technology, ensuring a smooth, comfortable catheterization experience free from the stickiness of traditional catheters.

GentleCath Air Catheter Features

Key Features to Know

GentleCath Air™ catheters come in a compact, discreet package that’s designed to blend into your everyday life. The package fits discreetly in your pocket or bag for easy transportation. Just burst the pure water sachet when you’re ready to activate the hydrophilic properties of FeelClean™ Technology.

  • No-touch sleeve helps reduce the risk of infection from hand contamination
  • Available in a variety of male catheter French sizes
  • Made without DEHP or PVP to ensure your safety, comfort, and confidence
  • FeelClean™ Technology provides a less messy, less sticky cathing experience
  • Provides stress-free disposal with its resealable pack that can be discreetly thrown away after use
  • Available with a straight insertion tip or a coudé insertion tip, depending on your prescription and individual needs

What is FeelClean™ Technology in GentleCath Catheters?

The unique FeelClean™ Technology integrated into the GentleCath Air™ male catheter and other GentleCath catheters sets it apart from traditional catheters. This technology embeds hydrophilic properties within the catheter material, offering a smoother, faster, and cleaner catheterization process.

feelclean technology - PVP free


Unlike other brands of hydrophilic catheters, GentleCath catheters made with FeelClean technology are not made with a glue substance called PVP. PVP can cause stickiness and residue when it dries out.
No sticking

No Sticking

Because of its unique design, the GentleCath Air™ may take less force to remove because it doesn’t stick. The design integrates water-loving hydrophilic properties to provide a smooth, slick catheterization from start to finish.
minimal residue or mess

Minimal Mess and Residue

This male hydrophilic catheter may help reduce the mess and residue associated with typical hydrophilic coated catheters, so you don’t have to worry about leftover mess on your clothes, hands, or body after catheterizing with the GentleCath Air™ Catheter.

How to Use the GentleCath Air™ Catheter

Convatec designed this catheter to be an easy, convenient, and discreet option. It’s simple to use whether you’re on the go or hanging out at home. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to using the new GentleCath Air™ Catheter.

1. First, wash your hands thoroughly to help reduce the risk of contamination.

2. Pull back your foreskin (if applicable) and clean the urethral opening with soap and water or an antiseptic wipe.

3. Activate the GentleCath Air™ catheter while it’s still inside the package by pressing the bright blue dot to break the sterile water sachet. You can also simply fold the package along the dotted line.

4. Let the water run over the length of the catheter and let it activate. You’ll want to use the catheter in the next 1 to 2 minutes after activation of the catheter’s hydrophilic properties.

5. Find the seal at the top of the package and tear it above the seal. You can remove the catheter using the blue strip so you don’t touch the catheter tube directly.

GentleCath Air Catheters for Men

6. Hold the end of your penis and pull gently to help straighten the urethra and prepare for catheter insertion. Then, pointing your penis slightly upwards, hold the sleeve of the catheter while slowly inserting the tip into the urethra. Direct the funnel end toward a receptacle such as a urinal or toilet.

7. Once urine stops flowing, remove the catheter slowly. You can then fold the catheter into a circular shape and twist it into a figure eight so it can fit back into the package for easy, discreet disposal later.

Need more help? You can also download this helpful visual step-by-step catheterization instruction guide for the GentleCath Air™ Catheter.

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Disclaimer: This information is not medical advice and is intended to provide a general understanding of this product option. Please consult your prescribing healthcare professional for medical advice.

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Product News: GentleCath Air™ Catheter for Men
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