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180 Medical Product News: GentleCath Glide

180 Medical Product News: GentleCath Glide

have you heard about ConvaTec’s new GentleCath Glide hydrophilic catheters? 180 Medical is always ready to share the details on new products with you so let’s dive into some of the unique features of the GentleCath Glide.

Key Features of the GentleCath Glide

The Glide is a recently launched low-friction hydrophilic catheter. It’s available in male length with a straight tip, male length with a coudé tip, and female length.

In addition, the male length catheter doubles as a GentleCath Glide pediatric catheter, since it comes in sizes as small as 8 Fr.
gentlecath glide male length hydrophilic

What else makes the Glide catheters so unique? They feature FeelClean™ Technology, which reduces the mess left behind by standard lubrication after cathing. The Glide is a fast and easy option for those who want a comfortable, super-smooth catheterization experience from start to finish.

Simply break the included water sachet to coat the catheter and activate the low-friction hydrophilic surface. Then it’s ready to go with no additional waiting time!

Additionally, the No-Touch guide sleeve helps simplify insertion while reducing the risk of contamination from your hands.

Glide Catheter User Quote - The no-touch sleeve makes inserting the catheter easy and it drains quickly. Much easier and more comfortable than my old straights!

GentleCath Glide Product Features

  • Manufactured without DEHP or latex
  • No-Touch handling sleeve to minimize the risk of infection
  • Water sachet included for quick activation
  • FeelClean™ technology reduces mess
  • Hydrophilic surface
  • Available in both male length (16 inches) and female length (6 inches)
  • Available in both straight tip and coudé insertion tip

Glide Catheter User Quote - This is so much better than catheters without water packets.

How to Use the GentleCath Glide

ConvaTec offers a helpful online video guide that you can quickly and easily personalize for yourself. You can choose from instructions for adults, children, or parent/caregiver as well as options between male, female, and whether you are a wheelchair-user or not.

Once you have selected the options that fit your situation best, a personalized video will be ready for you to watch, offering step-by-step instructions for this easy-to-use hydrophilic catheter. Personalize your GentleCath Glide instructional video here.

gentlecath glide hydrophilic catheter how to cath instruction video

  1. First, prepare for catheterization by washing your hands or putting on gloves. Then use a disinfecting wipe around the urethral area.
  2. Next, make sure the included sterile water sachet is near the funnel end of the catheter. Then break the sachet by pressing on the blue guide dot.
  3. Let the water coat the entire tube from end to tip. Now, your GentleCath Glide is ready to use with no waiting or setting a timer!
  4. Open the package by peeling apart the easy-open tabs.
  5. Be sure to handle the catheter by the funnel and the blue No-Touch sleeve as you insert it, which will help reduce the risk of contaminating the catheter with your hands.

For step-by-step information about how to catheterize, visit, which offers instructions for men, women, and children in all options from straight, hydrophilic, and closed systems.

Also, feel free to contact us at 180 Medical. One of our friendly Product Specialists can help. Plus, we offer one-of-a-kind instructional materials that can be sent to you with your order, including printed color brochures and a DVD.

Which GentleCath products does 180 Medical carry?

180 Medical is proud to carry the full catheter product line from GentleCath, including GentleCath straight catheters, GentleCath coudé catheters, GentleCath hydrophilic catheters, GentleCath closed system catheters, and more.

How can I find the catheter that’s right for me?

Contact 180 Medical to speak to one of our trained, friendly specialists. We’ll listen to what you want and need in a catheter. Then, we’ll help you customize an order that’s just right for you. Additionally, we can send you free catheter samples, including free GentleCath samples. Just contact us today!

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