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180 Medical Product News: SpeediCath Flex Coudé Pro Catheter

Find out more about one of the newest ready-to-use coudé catheter products on the market, the Speedicath Flex Coudé intermittent catheter.

Why Do I Need to Use Coudé Catheters?

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3 Types of Male Catheters and Their Uses

If you’re researching what kinds of catheters are available for men, you may be overwhelmed by the choices out there. Learn more about the three main types of catheters most commonly prescribed for males with our latest blog.

The Basics of Coudé Catheters

Do you have difficulty using straight catheters? There is another option that may be right for you. Learn more about coude catheters here.

Coudé Catheters

What are coudé catheters used for? Find out here!