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How the Urinary System Works

Have you ever wondered how the urinary system works? At 180 Medical, we strive to make sure you have all the information you need to stay as healthy as possible, especially when it comes to your catheterization needs.

Let’s go over a few things about the human body’s urinary system. Then you’ll also see a colorful infographic with more information below.

How the Urinary System Works

So how does the urinary system work?

Let’s start from the top. First, you take in food or drinks to get all the nutrients. Your body uses these nutrients to repair cells and get energy to function, leaving behind any waste products in the blood and bowels (intestines).

Next, your kidneys take in the wastes called urea from the bloodstream. These bean-shaped filtering organs are the first primary part of the body’s urinary system, located near the middle of your back.

After the kidneys do their job of filtering urea from the blood, it creates waste in the form of urine, which then travels down small tubules called ureters down to the bladder.

The bladder holds the urine until it’s full. Nerves send signals to the brain, letting you know it’s time to release urine, a process known as urinating.

Lastly, when urine leaves the bladder, it will travel down one more tube, the urethra, and exit the body.

More Info About The Way the Urinary System Works

Here’s a helpful infographic with information on how your body works to process waste via the urinary system (also known as the renal system).

How the Urinary System Works
If any part of this system isn’t working normally, you may need to use intermittent urinary catheters to drain urine waste from the body. Contact us at 180 Medical if you’re seeking a reliable catheter supplier. We have the expertise to help you find the right catheter for your needs!

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How the Urinary System Works
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