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180 Medical Founder Todd Brown Named a Most Admired CEO

by Jessica December 23 2014 11:43
We're proud to announce that our founder and CEO, Todd Brown, has been named one of Oklahoma's Most Admired CEOs by The Journal Record. This prestigious award honors business leaders who demonstrate great leadership and dedication to their companies and communities. 

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"Everyone here at 180 Medical is so excited for Todd. It's great to see him recognized publicly as the wonderful leader of our company that we know him to be," says Sharon Hodnett, Human Resources Manager. "To say that I’m proud to work with Todd Brown and to consider him a friend and mentor is an understatement.  I can’t think of anyone who deserves this honor more than him."

Many of you may already know the inspiring story of Todd's life. Always one with an adventurous spirit and entrepreneurial mind, Todd was already trying to start up his first business, a sandwich shop, as he simultaneously worked through college and started his family. When he became paralyzed in a tragic moto-cross accident, he was determined that he would never give up. But the road to recovery was not an easy one. One of the difficulties that Todd faced in his new life as a paraplegic was dealing with frequent urinary tract infections -- an affliction that affects many people with spinal cord injuries. On top of frustrations with these infections, he was also having problems with getting the right medical supplies he needed. He found most supply companies were unfamiliar with the best product choices for his needs. One day, while attending a wheelchair race, Todd was introduced to closed system catheters by a fellow athlete and friend. Upon using this type of product for his intermittent catheterization routine, his health immediately began to improve. 

It was at this point that he knew everyone who goes through similar medical issues should have access to these products through a reliable company that could give friendly, knowledgeable service. Shortly after this, Todd and his wife started a medical supply company out of their own garage. Over the years, the company has grown to become a nationwide company with headquarters in Oklahoma City and sister companies in Phoenix and Boston.

Under Todd’s leadership, one aspect that sets 180 Medical apart and gives us a competitive edge in the marketplace today is his ultimate goal for unbeatable customer service that sets the standard. When he was newly injured and looking for companies that could provide the supplies he needed, he encountered business after business with under-educated employees who were unable to offer compassion or understanding. Todd’s experience is a huge part of what dictates the direction 180 Medical has taken. When he came up with the business model for 180 Medical, he knew that the customer base would often already be going through a difficult time as they adjust to a new condition that would require the need for medical supplies. So his ultimate goal was to staff his company with people who are passionate about helping others and could be trained to be specialists. Through Todd’s vision and planning, our company continues to go above and beyond to treat customers as though they were members of their own family.  

We are so proud of Todd and all his achievements. The sixth-annual Most Admired CEO event will be held on February 12, 2015, at the Skirvin-Hilton Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. 


About the Author: 

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for 5 years and currently holds the title of Purchasing & Marketing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company.