The Importance of Regular Doctor Visits & Stress Management for the Disabled

April is Stress Awareness Month. This is a great time to learn more about stress management due to its effects on our mental and physical health, especially for the disabled or those living with stressful medical conditions.

Many of us get stressed just thinking about making an appointment to see our doctors, don’t we? However, a recent experience taught me how important it is to make time for regular visits.

My Latest Experience at the Doctor

Meena Dhanjal-Outlaw
Meena Dhanjal Outlaw

Most of the time, we can count on an easy appointment at the doctor for an annual check-up. The experience isn’t exactly fun, and we may not look forward to it. Usually, though, it’s a simple in-and-out process with perhaps a few tests here and there.

More importantly, a regular check-up is a way to make sure of how our health is doing.

Unfortunately, my most recent check-up led to the discovery of a lesion on my liver. Luckily, the doctor doesn’t think the lesion is cancerous, but now I need to schedule a follow-up appointment.

For those of you who know a bit about my medical history, you know that I was first dealt a devastating blow with my spinal cord injury. After that, I was later diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, which is a chronic autoimmune disorder that affects the neuromuscular system, including the muscles that help with breathing and limb movement. Now with this new discovery of a lesion, I feel like I’m on my knees all over again. Plus, my stress levels have gone through the roof.

However, this experience makes it abundantly clear how important it is to make it a priority to see your doctor regularly. Without these visits to my doctor, I would be totally unaware of pressing health matters like this that need to be addressed.

This is why it’s so important to make time for regular check-ups to catch any other issues with early diagnosis to get proper treatment.

Coping with Disability-Related Stress

stress at workWhether you live with a disability or if you’re able-bodied, we all deal with stress. Some of us have stress related to our jobs or our home life. Others may just feel extra pressure on their lives from financial situations like debt. Life seems to bring stressful situations to our door, whether we’re prepared or not. That’s why it’s important to find ways to cope.

As much as I may think I’m in control, I’m not. Thanks to my faith, I love to remember that God is the one who gives me strength. My faith helps to keep my emotions in check and prevent me from getting into a long-term depressive episode.

You have plenty of options for stress relief techniques outside of faith and prayer, however. As I continue to look for other techniques to help relieve my stress and anxiety, I have found some other helpful methods that may help you too.

For instance, I recently learned how to do Kundalini yoga. This practice allows me to live in the moment and stop worrying about the things I cannot control. When I do adaptive yoga, I instantly relax, knowing I can handle whatever comes my way.

stress relief bath candles

Other helpful stress relief techniques may include:

  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Creating a list of things for which you’re grateful
  • Organizing at home and/or work
  • Making time for relaxation like a bubble bath or a favorite hobby
  • Saying no to things that you don’t really want to do
  • Watching a favorite movie or something with positive humor

No matter what practices help me get through difficult times, nothing is more important than getting my check-ups done on time. This way, I can make sure to deal with issues early, which in itself gives me peace.

I encourage you to also make time for your regular check-ups so that you, too, can find some peace of mind.

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About the Author
On January 23, 2000, Meena suffered a spinal cord injury that left her a T12 paraplegic. She worked hard to grow and push past adversity and challenges, and even went back to school for a four-year diploma in writing for teenagers and children.

Since then, she has begun writing memoirs, blogs, and a book series featuring a young girl named Mattie who is in a wheelchair. She has been featured in magazines, fashion shows, radio shows, and on local news to speak about her life as a disabled woman, wife, and mother. Through her work, she hopes to inspire others with disabilities.