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Helping Your Child Learn to Self-Catheterize

Do you have questions about how to help your child…

Tips for Going Back to School with Catheters

If your child self-caths, you might be worried about what their routine will be like when they’re back in school. Take a look at our top tips for heading back to school when using catheters.

180 Medical Product News: Cure Pediatric Hydrophilic Catheter

Cure has released their latest hydrophilic intermittent catheter just for children! Learn more about this new product and find out how its convenience and comfort might be right for your kid who caths.

Tips for Providing Support for Your Child Who Requires Self-Catheterization

Learn more about ways to help your child become accustomed to using intermittent catheters daily with our latest blog.

Are Closed System Catheters Right for My Child?

As a parent whose child needs to self-cath, their health and their needs are probably at the forefront of your mind. Learn more about an advanced catheter product and see if it could be right for them.