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What To Look For In an Ileostomy Product Provider

Finding a good ileostomy product supplier can be hard, but not impossible. Most people don’t know what an ileostomy is until they need one. An ileostomy is a lifesaving procedure performed when a disease has attacked or shut down the large intestine. This means waste can no longer be passed safely from the stomach to the rectum. Most often this is caused by Crohn’s disease, but it can also be caused by ulcerative colitis and other conditions. An ileostomy carefully reroutes the flow of the digestive tract away from the large intestine.

After this procedure, you will need quality ileostomy supplies to manage your waste in a clean, safe, and comfortable manner.

What To Look For In An Ileostomy Product Provider

Here’s what to look for when you’re seeking a provider for your ileostomy supplies:

1. Caring, Knowledgeable Customer Service

We all know there is nothing more frustrating than calling up a company with a simple question, then speaking with an uninterested customer service representative who can’t answer your questions about ileostomy products. Because your needs are serious to your health, finding a supplier who offers personal, knowledgeable service and multilingual support is serious too. When you have questions, you deserve detailed, responsive answers from trained specialists who know their products.

2. Direct Billing for Insurance-Covered Ileostomy Products

When you’re in the right hands, you shouldn’t have to learn the ins and outs of the insurance system. Rather than billing you and leaving you in the lurch until you get insurance reimbursement, your ileostomy product provider supplier should be able to bill your private insurance directly and leave you out of it.

Plus, you shouldn’t have to deal with up-front costs.

3. Easy Cooperation with Your Doctor

The best ileostomy suppliers will work with your doctor’s prescription and recommendations to make sure you receive the right products for your needs.

4. An Ileostomy Product Povider That Offers Free and Discreet Delivery

Going to the pharmacy isn’t just a chore; it also cuts back on your level of privacy. The best ostomy supply company will ship your ileostomy products directly to your doorstep for free.

A company that provides this level of service clearly has a commitment to its customer, and that means a commitment to your health.

180 Medical helps people find just the right ileostomy products and ostomy accessories every day. We are proud to be a company that truly cares and looks forward to helping you with your supply needs.

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What To Look For In an Ileostomy Product Provider
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