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Meet Bill, One of Our Catheter Specialists

bill fullerton catheter specialistsHi! My name is Bill. When I was a senior in college, I broke my neck at the C5-6 level in a motorcycle accident. While I was in rehabilitation therapy, they began training me on how to catheterize myself. However, I understand first-hand now that even after you’ve been through rehab therapy, it’s normal to still have questions.

For over 3 decades now, I have been self-cathing as a quadriplegic. I love taking the time to talk to people who have questions and concerns about cathing on their own. Plus, I answer any questions about all kinds of aspects of being paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury.

I know it can be difficult for others to understand what a paralyzed person is going through. I compare it to being born again; you have to learn how to take care of all of your basic daily needs like going to the bathroom.

Recently, I spoke to a customer I had visited at a nearby rehabilitation facility over three years ago and he remembered who I was. I felt good that he remembered me and felt like he could use me as a resource.  I love being able to successfully help people learn how to self-catheterize and help to improve their life and independence.

You can read more about my story and journey after my spinal cord injury on our blog here.

In addition to our trained staff of Catheter Specialists, you have the option to speak with employees who have first-hand experience in self-catheterization. As part of our great service, 180 Medical makes it a point to be your resource for all your catheter needs.

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