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One of our Cathing Experts

Hi, my name is Bill. When I was a senior in college training for a benefit race for a quadriplegic when I broke my neck at a C5-6 level in a motorcycle accident. I was in the hospital for two weeks after my accident before I went to the rehabilitation center. After I entered the rehabilitation center it was only about three days before they started training me how to catheterize myself. Even when you’re trained in rehab, you still have questions.

I have now been cathing myself for 28 years and I have been working for 180 Medical for over 10 years. Although I have worked in different departments, I always take time to talk to customers about cathing and answer questions about all other aspects of being paralyzed.  It can be difficult for others to understand what a paralyzed person is going through. I compare it to being born again; you have to learn how to take care of all of your basic, daily needs like going to the bathroom and learning how to do things in a new way. Recently I spoke to a customer I had visited at a nearby rehabilitation facility over three years ago and he remembered who I was. I felt good that he remembered me and felt like he could use me as a resource.  I love being able to successfully train a customer on how to catheterize that couldn’t before and help to improve their life and independence.

Read more about Bill’s story on our blog: MY STORY BY BILL F.

In addition to our trained staff, you can use Bill and our other cathing employees as a resource that have first-hand experience.  If you are new to cathing or have a loved one that needs to cath, we are a great resource for you.

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