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Rusch® MMG Catheter Kit

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The Rusch® MMG Catheter Kit is a pre-lubricated closed system catheter that includes a soft silicone introducer tip coated with non-allergenic, water-soluble lubricant for easy insertion. The catheter has recessed and polished eyelets so it assures a smooth glide passage through the urethra. The Rusch® MMG catheter's self-contained urine collection bag eliminates the need for separate containers, thus reducing the risk of spillage and allowing for ease of disposal. Also available in hydrophilic, coudé, soft, red rubber, and female options.


  • Pre-lubricated catheter
  • Guardian Tip introducer tip
  • Clinically proven to reduce urinary tract infections
  • 1500 mL collection bag
  • Insertion supplies include sterile gloves, underpad, PVP swabsticks and gauze
  • Single-use, sterile
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
6 Fr RLA-62-3
8 Fr RLA-82-3
10 Fr RLA-102-3
12 Fr RLA-122-3
14 Fr RLA-142-3
16 Fr RLA-162-3
18 Fr RLA-182-3