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180 Medical Product News: Introducing ConvaTec’s New Urostomy Pouch System

180 Medical Product News: Introducing ConvaTec’s New Urostomy Pouch System

Interested in keeping up with the latest products available on the market? 180 Medical is always ready to share the scoop on the newest supplies and technology with you, so today, we’d like to let you know a little more about ConvaTec’s newest urostomy pouch system with Moldable Technology ™.

What are the features of the ConvaTec Natura™ + Urostomy Pouch System?

The Natura™ + Urostomy PouchConvaTec Natura Urostomy Pouch is part of a two-piece system that collects urine/liquid output from one’s stoma, and it was designed to give the wearer a feeling of security and discretion while remaining comfortable. The pouch itself is more discreet with a streamlined shape, and there is baffling inside the pouch to evenly distribute urine inside the bag for a slim profile. There is also a soft comfort panel on the side that rests against the body which reduces friction or irritation between the pouch and the skin. It also has an anti-reflux valve to keep urine from flowing back into the stoma. The pouch is easily compatible with ConvaTec’s Moldable Technology™ skin barriers, such as the new Natura™ Accordion Flange.

Key Features of the ConvaTec Natura™ Urostomy Pouch System

  • Discreet, comfortable pouch
  • Streamlined shape
  • Soft body-side comfort panel
  • Anti-reflux valve provides additional security
  • Quilt-like baffling to evenly distribute urine for slim profile, discretion & less tugging
  • Flexible soft-tap closure
  • Works with multiple drainage systems for night-time convenience
  • Moldable Technology™ skin barrier to minimize skin irritation and maximize protection, fitting any stoma size or shape


How do ConvaTec’s Moldable Technology™ Skin Barriers Work?

Moldable Technology™ skin barriers feature a pliable, easy-to-shape seal that will “rebound” to fit any stoma size/shape. Simply roll and mold the adhesive to fit your stoma, and the seal will “turtleneck” upward to protect your surrounding skin with a secure, snug fit. This means fewer leaks and less skin irritation.

What are the benefits of Moldable Technology™?

Research shows that around 50% of people with an ostomy have skin complications at one point or another, and this is usually due to body waste leaking from the stoma onto the skin. However, “more than 95% of patients who started on Moldable Technology™ kept their skin healthy, and more than 86% of those with pre-existing skin disorders had improved skin after switching to Moldable Technology™.”

Interested in trying ConvaTec’s Natura™ Urostomy Pouch and Moldable Technology™ skin barriers?

For more information about these or other ostomy products, feel free to call one of our trained Ostomy Specialists at 1-877-688-2729. You can also fill out our online inquiry form or connect to us via Live Chat. We’re happy to help you find the right product for your needs, and we also have access to a team of Ostomy Nurses that you can connect to by phone if there are any further questions or if medical advice is needed.

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