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Product News: Convatec Natura + Urostomy Pouch

If you’re living with a urostomy, whether due to bladder cancer, an injury, or another condition, you probably want to know about the newest and best urostomy supplies available. We love sharing the scoop on new ostomy products, so today, let’s talk about the new Natura + urostomy pouch from Convatec, which features the popular and skin-friendly Moldable Technology™.

All About the New Natura + Urostomy Pouch System

The Convatec Natura + Urostomy Pouch is part of a two-piece system that collects urine/liquid output from one’s stoma. The design aims to give the wearer additional security while also staying discreet and comfortable throughout the day.

The Natura urostomy pouch features a discreet, streamlined shape. You’ll find baffling inside the pouch, which helps to evenly distribute urine inside the bag and create a slimmer profile. ConvaTec Natura Urostomy PouchAlso, each urostomy bag features a soft comfort panel on the side that rests against the body. This helps reduce friction between the pouch and the skin.

Plus, the Natura + Urostomy Pouch has an anti-reflux valve to keep urine from flowing back into the stoma. The pouch is easily compatible with any of Convatec’s Moldable Technology™ skin barriers.

Key Features of the Convatec Natura Urostomy Pouch System

What are some features of the Natura Urostomy bags? Learn more below.

  • Discreet, comfortable pouch
  • Streamlined shape
  • Soft body-side comfort panel
  • Anti-reflux valve provides additional security
  • Quilt-like baffling to evenly distribute urine for a slim profile
  • Flexible soft-tap closure
  • Works with multiple drainage systems for night-time convenience
  • Moldable Technology™ skin barrier to minimize skin irritation and maximize protection, fitting any stoma size or shape

How do Convatec’s Moldable Technology™ Skin Barriers Work?

Moldable Technology™ skin barriers feature a pliable, easy-to-shape seal that will rebound to fit any stoma size/shape. First, roll and mold the adhesive to fit your stoma. Next, as you wear the barrier, the seal will “turtleneck” upward to protect your surrounding skin with a secure, snug fit. This means fewer ostomy bag leaks and less skin irritation.

Find out more with the below helpful video from Convatec.

What are the benefits of Moldable Technology™?

Did you know that peristomal skin irritation among ostomates is actually quite common? For example, research shows that around 50% of people with an ostomy have skin complications at one point or another. This is usually due to body waste leaking from the stoma onto the skin.

However, more than 95% of patients who started using ostomy products with Moldable Technology™ kept their skin healthy. Also, more than 86% of those with pre-existing skin disorders had improved skin after switching to Moldable Technology™.”

Ready to Try Natura™ Urostomy Pouches with Moldable Technology™?

For more information about Convatec Natura urostomy bags or any of our other high-quality ostomy products, feel free to call one of our trained Ostomy Specialists at 1-877-688-2729.

Also, you can reach out to us online during business hours by Live Chat or through our online contact form. We’re happy to help you find the right product for your needs.

Plus, through 180 Medical, you’ll get access to a team of certified Ostomy Nurses if you need more help or medical advice about your ostomy.

Link to contact 180 Medical about trying moldable technology

Call Toll-Free (877) 688-2729

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Product News: Convatec Natura + Urostomy Pouch
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