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Introducing Ethan and Emma!

We are very excited to present our new characters, Ethan and Emma, who star in our new self-catheterization instructional book made for kids.

All About Ethan and Emma

Meet 180 Medical’s unique Kids Club characters, Ethan and Emma. These two are siblings, as you’ll find out in this original story by Angela Ruzicka, who is the author of the Wendy on Wheels series.

You can find out more about Angela’s books in our article listing some great children’s books about disabilities.

Both of these characters use catheters. Ethan caths through a stoma, while Emma caths through the urethra. One character lives with spina bifida while the other has a spinal cord injury.

Tips for Learning How to Cath for Children

Through this story, these loveable characters help normalize the process of learning how to cath for children.

The story and cathing instructions are easy for kids to understand. It features some fun activities for children as well at the end of the story. Plus, it’s full of helpful tips and pointers for parents and caregivers of children who use catheters too.

Does Your Child Need to Use Catheters?

If you have a child who is ready to learn to self-cath, this book may be the perfect cathing resource.

You can choose from books for boys or girls. Also, these books are available in Spanish!

Visit the 180 Medical Kids Club or contact us to request a copy!

Ethan and Emma

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Introducing Ethan and Emma!
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