A colostomy is the surgical creation of an artificial opening, or stoma, in order to divert the natural flow of urinary waste from the body. This is performed when medically necessary, and there are various reasons why someone might require a colostomy, including blockage, injury, cancer, Crohn’s disease, severe irritable bowel disease, etc. An ileostomy is one of the three most common types of ostomies.

In a normally functioning digestive system, the small intestine works to absorb nutrients and water and break down food as it passes through from the stomach. From there, it enters the large intestine, where more water and electrolytes are absorbed. Waste is stored here until it can be eliminated from the body via the rectum.  However, when one part or all parts of this system are non-functioning or diseased, a colostomy may be a medically necessary surgery to restore one’s quality of life.

Ostomy surgery and the following adjustment period of learning to care for your ileostomy can feel daunting at first, but many find that living with a colostomy is preferable to difficult symptoms or feeling sick.

Once a colostomy has been created, the bodily waste (usually formed stool) will need to be contained as it flows from the stoma.

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