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Catheter Insurance Coverage

180 Medical is an ACHC-accredited provider, and we are contracted and accredited with Medicare and most state Medicaid  programs. We also accept a wide variety of many private insurance plans.

We work quickly to verify your insurance plan’s catheter coverage and find out if there is any extra documentation or authorization to obtain. From there, one of our trained specialists will contact you back directly to fully discuss what and how many supplies will be covered by your insurance and what (if anything) will be your out-of-pocket portion.

We understand you are dealing with your own medical issues and needs at this time, so we take care to handle everything we can for you, including obtaining any necessary documentation or authorizations, dependent upon what your insurance plan requires. We also bill your insurance directly, eliminating any bother on your part.

Read below to learn additional details regarding catheter insurance coverage through Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance plans.


We are a Medicare-accredited provider. Medicare Part B allows up to 200 catheters per month for sterile/single use, dependent upon your doctor’s prescription and treatment plan. Medicare requires us to have a prescription on file and related doctor’s notes, but you can rest easy knowing that we will work hard with your doctor’s office to obtain this documentation for you to ensure total compliance with Medicare’s current guidelines.


180 Medical is in network with most state Medicaid programs. Coverage and allowable amounts on catheters and related supplies vary according to each state’s guidelines.  Just contact us to find out what your state’s plan covers. Dependent upon what your particular state plan requires, you can rest assured that we will work diligently to obtain any necessary documentation or authorization for you.

Private Insurance

180 Medical accepts a wide variety of private insurance plans, and we are constantly working on getting contracted with new networks and insurance companies, so just give us a call today to get your coverage verified. From there, we can discuss your catheter supply options with you.

Contact us today to find out what your insurance plan covers and get the ball rolling on getting your much-needed top-quality supplies to your door discreetly and quickly.

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"I was pretty shocked when I was told I would have to start using a catheter. But I want to thank 180 Medical for the understanding and suggestions in getting my supplies setup. I had catheters the next morning. I was treated with respect and understanding, which is pretty important as I was feeling emotionally drained. I would recommend this company to anyone with this type of need. Very good company and people."

Michael L.