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Rusch Siliconized Tiemann Catheter

The Rusch Tiemann Tip Intermittent Catheter from Teleflex are designed with a soft, flexible curved tip to help ease catheterization for specific cases. The Tiemann Tip Intermittent Catheters are made with PVC and is relatively stiffer making catheterization easier for some. The notch on the catheter funnel is used to show the tip position. This Tiemann Tip Catheter has two staggered eyes.


  • 16 inches long (male length)
  • Tiemann-tip coudé catheter (curved or bent tip)
  • Made of siliconized PVC, which makes it more flexible than vinyl, but firmer than red rubber
  • Color-coded tips to identify catheter size
  • Notch on catheter funnel helps maintain curved catheter tip in proper up position during catheterization
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Sterile, single use
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
12 Fr 221800120
14 Fr 221800140
16 Fr 221800160
18 Fr 221800180
20 Fr 221800200
22 Fr 221800220
24 Fr 221800240

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