Coudé Tip Catheters

180 Medical offers a wide selection of the top coudé-tip urinary catheters on the market. Sometimes coudé catheters are also referred to as bent tip catheters or Tiemann catheters. Coudé catheters are available from many of the top catheter brands like GentleCath, SpeediCath, Cure Medical, Hollister, Magic3, Bard, Rusch, and more.

What is a Coudé Catheter?

A urinary catheter with a coudé tip is designed with a slightly curved tip that makes it easier for those who may have difficulty passing a straight catheter. It has a curved tip to more easily pass by strictures, false passages, and/or an enlarged prostate.

Types of Coudé Catheters

There are different types of coudé catheters available to give you options based on your personal preferences and anatomy such as:

  • Tapered tip coudé 
  • Olive tip coudé 
  • Tiemann tip coudé

Coudé catheters can also have a guide stripe that allows you to monitor the catheter tip more easily during insertion.

Tapered Tip Coudé Catheter

The tapered tip is considered the standard coudé catheter. Its insertion tip is designed with a short, strong curve, which is especially good for navigating through tight strictures. It can also be utilized for bypassing enlarged prostates, urethral or stomal false passages, or any other urethral traumas.

Example: GentleCath Male Coudé Tip Catheter

Olive Tip Coudé Catheter

The olive tip coudé catheter features a ball-shaped or rounded tip, which aids in smoother passage around obstructions to the bladder. The olive tip coudé is also an option for those with false passages, which a standard coudé or Tiemann tip coudé might catch on. The small bead can also be helpful for women to help in identifying the urinary meatus.

Example: Coloplast Self-Cath Olive Tip Coudé Catheter 

Tiemann Tip Coudé Catheter

This coudé catheter has an elongated, tapered tip and is made to be more pliable than the other two coudé catheter types. The catheter tip works best for navigating narrow passages (great for those with BPH, distended bladders or enlarged prostates, which can press on and tighten the urethra) by bypassing strictures. The pliability of the tip also aids in greater comfort during catheterization.

Example: Rusch Siliconized Tiemann Coudé Catheter 

Coudé Catheter Products

Coudé catheters come in different types of catheter products such as closed system kits, hydrophilic catheters, and intermittent straight catheters.


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