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3 Reasons To Stop Getting Catheters at Local Pharmacies

3 reasons to stop getting catheters at local pharmacy
When your doctor decides that intermittent catheterization is the best course of action to treat your bladder issues, you may think your local pharmacy is the best place to go with your new catheter prescription. However, you might stop and consider whether your pharmacy can provide everything you need from your catheter supplier. Let’s go over some of the reasons you may want to avoid getting your catheters at your local pharmacy and start getting them delivered right to your door with 180 Medical.

Top Three Reasons To Stop Getting Catheters at the Pharmacy

Now, you may be wondering. Can I just fill my catheter prescription at my pharmacy? It’s possible, although not every pharmacy offers urinary catheters as part of its inventory. Using a pharmacy for your catheter needs may not be the best option for you, and here are several reasons why.

Reason 1. You deserve to choose from a wide selection of catheter product options, types, and brands.

Thinking about filling a new prescription for urinary catheters at your pharmacy? Some pharmacies and local stores may only stock a limited selection of basic catheter options, while others may not even carry or supply intermittent catheters.

180 Medical carries a variety of high-quality catheter types and options. We even carry the latest and most advanced catheter supplies to hit the market, such as discreet pocket catheters, ready-to-use catheters, and closed system catheter kits in male, female, and pediatric lengths.

Variety of catheter options

Plus, we offer:

  • Female, male, and pediatric length catheters
  • Straight and coudé insertion tip options
  • Options made without natural rubber latex or phthalates like DEHP
  • Straight uncoated catheters
  • Pre-lubricated and hydrophilic catheters
  • Closed system catheters and much more
Not sure if your health insurance plan covers catheter supplies?
 180 Medical’s friendly insurance experts can verify your health insurance plan and walk you through your options.

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Don’t limit yourself to a small selection. You deserve to be able to try out samples from a variety of catheter brands and choose what works and feels best for your unique body and needs.

catheter brands at 180 medical

Reason 2. A supply company specializing in catheters can offer personalized catheterization support and resources.

Whether you’re getting a prescription filled for medicine or catheters at your pharmacy, you’ve probably seen how the pharmacy technicians are often in a rush without much time for a one-on-one to answer your questions.

By choosing 180 Medical to fill your catheter prescription, you’re not only going to receive superior, attentive service. You also have access to actual product experts. Our staff is highly trained to earn the title of Catheter Product Specialist. That means we really know catheter supplies inside and out.

We’ll listen to your needs, answer your questions, and be there when you need ongoing support or reorders.

For many people, finding out that they have to use catheters can be a stressful time. They may worry that they’re alone, that others will know, that it will hurt, or that they won’t know how to self-catheterize safely.

With 180 Medical, you’re not alone. Our specialists are truly compassionate people who take quality time with you to understand what you need from your catheters, such as comfort, discretion, or convenience. Then together, we’ll work with you and your doctor to custom-tailor your order. Plus, we’re always there if you have ongoing needs or additional questions.

our specialists are ready to help you - contact us

Resources and Help Learning How to Use Catheter Supplies

Not sure how to use your catheter supplies? We’re here for you. Our Product Specialists can walk you through the experience step-by-step on the phone. Also, we offer detailed self-catheterization instructions for men, women, and children at

get help learning how to cath

Reason 3. Getting supplies from a mail-order catheter company is just more convenient.

When you’re new to using catheters, you already have enough stress. Often, the transition to using catheters comes with an unexpected diagnosis or a stressful medical condition.

We go above and beyond to ease that stress for you. From the start, 180 Medical insurance experts work quickly to verify your catheter coverage. Then we walk you through those benefits so you know what to expect from the billing process and which catheters you may be eligible to receive.

You don’t have to sit there wondering when you should reorder your supplies because we make it easy. Plus, with the 180 Medical Customer Portal, you get 24/7 secure account access to confirm your orders, track your shipments, change your address, and much more!

Skip the stress of waiting in line to get your catheters in public, and get your catheter supply order shipped to your home for free — no matter where you live in the United States.

Choose 180 Medical for Your Catheter Supply Needs

From start to finish, we’re going to work hard to make the process of getting your catheter supplies as easy and stress-free as possible.

By choosing 180 Medical, you get:

  • Reliable, discreet shipments
  • Friendly, personalized customer support
  • Easy reordering options
  • Access to a variety of high-quality insurance-covered catheter options
  • A supplier they can rely on for discretion and reliable shipments
  • Educational resources and tips to help you live your best life

Are you ready to experience the difference of getting your catheters through 180 Medical instead of a pharmacy? We’re happy to help! Just reach out to us to get started!

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3 Reasons To Stop Getting Catheters at Local Pharmacies
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