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Meet the 180 Medical Pets

Meet 180 Medical Pets

At 180 Medical, pets are a major part of our lives. Plus, since many of us at 180 Medical now work remotely from home, we’ve all had a lot more time to spend with them.

Whether scaly and rambunctious or hairy and lazy, our pets have become part of daily work-life. They have sat in on Zoom meetings, joined us in charity walks, and even dressed up to bring awareness to causes that are important to 180 Medical and the customers we serve. No matter what type of animal best friend, the love we have for our pets is something we all have in common.

Join us as we share some of our happiest and most tireless co-workers and their humans!

Meet Some 180 Medical Employees and Their Pets

Jennifer, Product Specialist

Jennifer with her guinea pigs
“All three of my guinea pigs are rescues. Cinnamon and Cocoa are actually sisters, and all three are unique in their own ways! Cocoa is energetic, enjoys running around during floor time, and loves to steal others’ food. Cinnamon is relaxed and jumps around when she is extra happy and loves her naps. Pepper loves cuddles, being held, and being hand-fed. Since we have gone mostly virtual, a lot of new Zoom chats have opened including a 180 Pet Chat focused on our pets.”

Fun Fact: Guinea Pigs are highly active and tend to only sleep for short periods throughout the day, unlike most pets. No wonder they’re so energetic!

Jessi, Client Specialist Auditor

Jessi with her dogs
“Being a dog mom is the most important part of my life! I have three wild and crazy boys. Tiny the Rottweiler is an obedience school graduate and just earned his AKC STAR Puppy title at 6 months of age! Rush the Husky is a puppy mill rescue who just turned one in May and Ozzy the Aussie is the absolute love of my life. She is the smartest dog I’ve ever met and together we’ve earned 3 AKC titles for professional tricks and obedience. Ozzy also competes in barn hunt (an awesome dog sport – look it up!) and is just a few points away from earning his first barn hunt title! We have a lot of 180 Medical dress-up days to bring awareness to our customers’ medical needs, and all my dogs love to dress up too!”

Fun Fact: In addition to adopting huskies of her own, Jessi is a committed volunteer with Husky Halfway House. The Husky Halfway House is a local shelter in Eufaula, OK, which takes in at-risk huskies in need of shelter and emergency services.

Michelle, Documentation Specialist

Michelle and her pets
“I foster tons of pets! Willow and Layla are my two pups. They love to cuddle with everyone. Prince is a Day Gecko, also known as the ‘Geico Gecko.’ Loki is a chameleon. One day she is your best friend, and the next she wants nothing to do with you. Echo is a bearded dragon that thinks he is a dog. Mr. Bojangles is a crested gecko and loves hanging around. Gushers is a Northeastern Blue Tongue Skink, which will eventually be the size of a small dog. Ms. Poe is another crested gecko that loves to play in my orchids when they are in bloom. Mago is a fat-tailed leopard gecko. He just likes to hang out on your shoulder and snuggle. Galaxy is a Miami Faces Corn Snake that loves to wrap up in my hair and just chill out. So yes, I live in a reptile zoo. Scale babies need love too!”

Fun Fact: Most animals are poikilothermic, or cold-blooded, meaning they do not generate internal body heat and rely on outside temperatures. This includes reptiles, fish, insects, and amphibians. Only mammals and birds are homoeothermic, or warm-blooded.

Drew, Client Specialist

Drew and Wigley
“Wigley is a corgi I rescued earlier this year! He loves to chase birds and cuddle. He doesn’t understand boundaries, so if you come over to visit he’ll most likely step on your head. But with his cute face who can say ‘no’? We’re mostly working apart from one another, but that just means we can still be there for our pets and our customers at the same time.”

Fun Fact: Dogs have been close human companions for tens of thousands of years through self-domestication, which is the process of adapting to live with humans. They’ve been attached to us since before we had agriculture. No wonder Wigley pushes boundaries!

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Linda, Office Coordinator

Linda with her dog April
“April thinks I rescued her, but it was she who rescued me! God gave her to me right after I found out I could not have children so she became momma’s baby. She looks at me with so much love in her eyes, listens to me when I need a listening ear, licks the tears from my cheeks, and sits up on my lap to watch TV like a child. She really thinks she is human. God truly gave her to me when I needed her most, but we needed each other and He knew it! It’s been difficult during the pandemic, but with the 180 Journal Club and all the other groups, we’re all able to stay connected.”

Fun Fact: Dogs are heavily reliant on their sense of smell to identify humans and other dogs, which is probably why they dislike their reflections in the mirror since the other ‘mirror dogs’ have no odor. They are very well-adjusted and more self-aware than scientists previously thought. Plus, they are highly empathetic toward humans. It’s only when dogs can’t rely on their sense of smell that things can really stink!

Tori, Sales Coordinator

Tori and Fendi

“Fendi is a rescue I found outside and brought into our home. Fendi has escaped my home more than once. The first time resulted in the fire department being at my house for 3 hours to rescue him. The second time, he dropped out of my car into traffic, and I had to run to get him. I love getting to work from home and spend time with my fluffy cat!”

Fun Fact: Cats and kittens may seem lazy because they usually sleep for long periods throughout the day. However, a feline’s instincts to hunt, predominantly at night, leads them to conserve most of their energy by napping during the day and “hunting” at night. It helps that cats have remarkable night vision too!

Westin, Project Coordinator

Westin and Lily

“Lily is our approximately 12-year-old rescue Labradoodle. Since we’ve been working from home, she has apparently learned to tell time. She starts to get antsy and needs attention around lunchtime and shortly before 5 pm. She knows when it’s close to time for mom and dad to give her all the attention!”

Fun Fact: Most dogs have three types of fur over their bodies: undercoat, guard hair, and whiskers!

Nicole, Billing Supervisor

Nicole and her pets

“I have a doormat that says it’s basically a zoo in here and that’s not a lie. I’ve been working remotely at home and spending lots of time with my four dogs (Sammi, Rex, Fiona, and Barry) and our pig, Turbo!”

Fun Fact: Pigs are very intelligent pets and will respond to commands and their name as young as two or three weeks old. Watch out, dogs, these smart critters may just steal the show!

Rhonda, Waiver Specialist

Rhonda and Leelu

“This is Leelu. We have a saying for her: ‘Life is short, eat more chicken. Play rough with your fellow canines, swim often, and run like your tail is on fire!'”

Fun Fact: Dogs mature much faster than humans and a one-year-old medium-sized dog might be roughly the same age as a fifteen-year-old child! However, dog aging slows rapidly, and most canines remain very active even into their old age.

Mark, Chief Commercial Officer

Mark and Dobby

“Dobby is a result of my wife’s visit to a cat café where she met a hairless cat. We are Harry Potter fans, so Dobby seemed an appropriate name (I suggested Nog for all my fellow Star Trek nerds). We joke that he is more dog than cat. He wants to cuddle nonstop and loves every person he meets. When I work from home, he relaxes in a window bed behind my desk nearly all day and even makes it into a lot of our Zoom meetings.”

Fun Fact: Though they have been reported for hundreds of years, the hairless cat, or Sphynx, was first named a species after one special hairless cat, Prune, in the 1960s. Sphynx was officially recognized as a breed by the International Cat Association (TICA) in 1979.

Need more 180 Medical Pets? Check out more of our furry friends in the video below!


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Meet the 180 Medical Pets
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