Paralysis Research Breakthrough

Rob Summers A paper published by the British medical journal The Lancet noted a paralyzed man, Rob Summers, stood, took steps, and now can voluntarily move his legs using epidural stimulation.

It has been all over the news and is the current buzz within the paralysis community. This study was funded by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

It really gives me great pride that 180 Medical supports the Reeve Foundation, so they are able to fund important initiatives like this.

Since my injury almost 17 years ago, I have heard all sorts of things regarding a cure. At first, my nurse told me there would be one within 5 years. I waited, but still no cure. Then they said it would be another 5 years. Still nothing. I began to think I was going to be stuck in a wheelchair for my whole life.

However, because of this new research, I have renewed hope for myself and others like me to be able to walk again someday.

If you are paralyzed or know someone who is, check out the Reeve Foundation. They are doing some amazing work and great things in peoples’ lives.

Todd Brown

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