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Why Is it Important to Follow a Daily Catheterization Schedule?

My name is Mason Ellis, and I am a C5…

My Top 5 Tips for Preventing UTIs with a Spinal Cord Injury

When living with a spinal cord injury (SCI), you encounter…

Life After Spinal Cord Injury: Grieving, Coping, and Moving Forward

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My Tips for Learning to Self-Cath with Limited Hand Dexterity

My name is Mason Ellis. In my senior year of…

MTG Eagle Board for Quadriplegic Self-Catheterizing

If you have a spinal cord injury that has left you with limited hand dexterity, you may be looking for a way to gain back some of your independence and take over your cathing routine yourself. The new MTG Eagle™ Board may be just what you need. Get the scoop from guest blogger and Eagle™ Board-user Mason Ellis.

Beating Spinal Cord Injury One Day at a Time: Mason Ellis’s Story

Mason could never have foreseen how his life would be completely different after he became a quadriplegic after a serious car accident. But he’s been determined from the start to not let it beat him. Find out more about him and the ways he is changing others’ lives!