Steps to Receiving Your Ostomy Supplies

When you’ve just had an ostomy surgery, whether for a urostomy, colostomy, or ileostomy, the last thing you may want to spend time on is searching for what ostomy supplies you need.

Especially for newer ostomates, the process of figuring out the type of ostomy products and accessories you might need for dressing and pouching your stoma can be a challenge when there are so many product options on the market today.

180 Medical and our team of caring and extensively trained Ostomy Specialists is here to help you navigate the maze to find the right ostomy supplies for your individual needs, whether you’re new to having an ostomy or have been wearing your ostomy appliances for years.

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Sizing It Right

The most important factor in finding the best fit is getting the size right for your stoma first. There is no one-size-fits-all option for stomas, since they vary so much from person to person, so finding out how big around your stoma is and far it protrudes (if at all) is the main key to identifying the right size for your ostomy supplies, particularly skin barriers and one-piece systems, since these will attach to your skin directly over the stoma. Getting the right fit is especially important since this will help keep you more comfortable while lessening the risk of leakage or skin irritation.

Once you know your stoma measurement, the best way to know how your ostomy appliance works for you is to try it out and wear it for a few days.

One thing to keep in mind is that, after your surgery, your stoma size could shift in the first 8-12 weeks, especially, as it begins to heal post-surgery, so your first measurement may change over time.

If you don’t have an exact measurement ready, take a coin and use that as a comparison for your stoma size as a close estimate. For instance, a stoma about the size of a dime will be a lot different and require a different wafer size than a stoma the size of a quarter.

Finding the Right Products for You

Aside from your stoma size, you may be asked some additional questions such as the skin condition around the stoma, the shape of the abdomen, and a few other factors which will help your ostomy specialist figure out the best fit for you, together with you and any recommendations or requirements made by your prescribing healthcare provider.

Additional considerations in finding the right products for you may include your lifestyle and any personal preferences, skin sensitivities, etc. There are many different choices of products, but we’re here to help you navigate through the options, including whether a one-piece or two-piece system will be best for you, as well as any additional products such as prep wipes or adhesive remover wipes, lubricating or deodorizing drops for your pouch, and more.

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Verifying Your Insurance

The rest of the information we need to get your order started is simple demographic information, your surgery type (colostomy, ileostomy, and/or urostomy), as well as your doctor’s name and insurance information so we can verify your coverage for your needed supplies.

Once we go over the basics such as your out-of-pocket cost (if any), review your order details, and any other questions or concerns you might have, you can sit back and relax while 180 Medical does the heavy lifting for you!

couple in hammockWe handle getting any documentation and prescription information that your insurance might require.

Getting Your First Shipment

Once everything else has been done, our shipping specialists pack your supplies with care in our warehouse and ship them right to your front door for free in discreet packaging.

You can rest easy knowing you don’t have to go to a pharmacy to pick up the supplies yourself, and we bill your insurance for your order with NO upfront costs.

Additional Benefits of Choosing 180 Medical for Your Ostomy Needs

There are many other advantages of working with ostomy product experts like 180 Medical. When you contact us, you will be put in touch with an ostomy product specialist who can help determine the right options based on your preferences, size, and any other requirements. We offer top quality supplies from one of the world’s premier ostomy appliance manufacturers, ConvaTec. We can even send some samples for you to try out before placing an order so you can know how a product works for you before you place your order. In addition, we work closely with a team of ostomy nurses who can assist with any medical questions, so you can rest easy knowing that help is only a phone call away.

At 180 Medical, we have closed and disposable pouches, along with a wide array of wafers and barriers, adhesive removers, belts, and plenty of other high-quality ostomy products and accessories to choose from.

If you have any questions or if you would like to receive a ConvaTec free sample, contact us today!

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