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Steps to Start Receiving Your Ostomy Supplies

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Are you recovering from ostomy surgery? Or are you looking for one of the best ostomy supply companies and wondering how to get started on getting the right ostomy products for your needs? The last thing you want to be doing is spending time searching for which ostomy supplies you need and where to buy ostomy supplies locally or online. 180 Medical can help guide you through the process, including these easy steps to start receiving your ileostomy, urostomy, or colostomy supplies.

Step 1. Find out where to buy ostomy supplies.

Step 1 Find out where to buy ostomy supplies online

Whether you’re new to having an ostomy or have been wearing your ostomy appliances for years, you need one of the best ostomy supply companies that will go above and beyond for you.

180 Medical will gladly work with you and your doctor’s orders to custom tailor your order. We can help you find the right ostomy supplies and accessories that will best fit your body, your stoma, and your unique needs and preferences.

We want to take away your worries and be your trusted partner in your ostomy journey.

Step 2. Learn how to size your stoma.

Step 2 Learn how to measure your stoma size

In order to reduce the risk of stoma leakage and peristomal skin irritation, it’s crucial to get the right size of ostomy appliances like ostomy skin barriers and one-piece ostomy pouching systems.

Of course, no one-size-fits-all option exists for ostomy supplies because stomas can vary so much from person to person in size and even protrusion levels above or below the skin surface.

Also, if you’re still recovering from ostomy surgery, your stoma size may change over the coming weeks as it heals. However, know that this is completely normal, and 180 Medical is here for you during these changes.

How do you measure a stoma?

So, are you wondering how to measure your stoma? Stomas are measured by diameter, which makes it easy to use coins as a quick stoma size comparison. For example, some stomas can be as small as the size of a dime, which will require a different ostomy wafer size than a half-dollar-size stoma.

Take a look at Convatec’s handy guide for measuring stomas here.

Additionally, 180 Medical can mail you a stoma measuring guide.

Step 3. Find the ostomy products that will work best for you.

Step 3 Find the ostomy products that will work best for you

Next, our Ostomy Product Specialists will ask you some questions about your activity levels and lifestyle needs as well as the skin condition around your stoma.  Also, be sure to let us know about any allergies, skin sensitivities, and personal preferences.

These questions help us figure out the best possible ostomy products and fit for you, together with any orders by your prescribing healthcare provider.

We understand many different product options are out there, which can feel overwhelming. However, 180 Medical’s Product Specialists are here to help you navigate your options. For example, will a one-piece ostomy pouch or a two-piece ostomy pouch work better for your needs and average stoma output? Which accessories, such as adhesive removers or ostomy deodorant, will you want in your order?

Keep in mind that 180 Medical can also send you some free ostomy samples to help you get to know what will fit and work best for you.

Request Free Ostomy Samples

Step 4. We’ll verify your insurance plan’s ostomy supply coverage.

step 4 180 medical will verify your insurance and get any required documentation
Our Specialists like M’Kayla (pictured) will gladly take care of the legwork needed to get your ostomy order shipped quickly to you!

Worrying about questions like, “Does insurance pay for ostomy supplies?” or “Will my insurance plan cover my ostomy products?” We’ve got you covered. 180 Medical will verify your ostomy product insurance coverage to find out how your supplies will be covered.

Here’s the rest of the information we need to start your first order with 180 Medical:

  • Simple demographic information (name, address, best contact options)
  • Ostomy surgery type (colostomy, ileostomy, and/or urostomy)
  • Health insurance information so we can verify your coverage
  • Prescribing doctor’s name and contact information

Don’t stress about having to do the legwork between your doctor’s office and ours. 180 Medical is happy to handle requesting your prescription from your healthcare provider as well as any necessary paperwork or authorization that your health insurance plan may require.

Next, we’ll go over your order details and frequency of shipments once more as well as your out-of-pocket cost (if any) with you. We’ll make sure to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Then it’s time to get your first order!

Step 5. Get ready for your first shipment of ostomy supplies right to your door.

step 5 get your ostomy supplies shipped for free right to your door
Our Shipping Specialists like Travis (pictured) work to put your order together securely and accurately before shipping it for free to your home.

Now, all you have to do is sit back and relax while 180 Medical does the heavy lifting for you!

Our Shipping Specialists will pack your order with care in our warehouse. Then we ship them right to your home for free. Plus, it will arrive in discreet packaging, so no one but you has to know about your ostomy needs if you don’t want them to.

You can rest easy knowing you don’t have to go to a local pharmacy to pick up the supplies yourself. On top of that, you’ll never deal with upfront costs before we bill your insurance for your order.

Ready to Choose 180 Medical as Your Ostomy Supply Company?

Because we focus primarily on specializing in ostomy supplies as well as catheters and incontinence products, our Ostomy Specialists know our product offerings inside and out.

In addition, with 180 Medical, you have access to a team of certified ostomy nurses who can assist you with any medical questions. You can rest easy knowing that specialized ostomy support is only a phone call away when you need it.

Ready to start your order today? Or wondering about free ostomy samples? Take that first step by contacting 180 Medical today!

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Steps to Start Receiving Your Ostomy Supplies
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