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What are the benefits of using hydrophilic catheters?

Using hydrophilic catheters offers some unique benefits. While some come ready to use, others may require activation with the included water packet inside the catheter package. Either way, many users find that hydros and pre-lubricated catheters are easy to use and carry.

Plus, there are all kinds of different types and options of hydrophilic catheter supplies, and 180 Medical carries all brands.
hydrophilic catheters at 180 Medical

Here are some more potential benefits of using hydrophilic catheters:

  • Facilitates no-touch catheterization, which may help reduce the risk of UTIs (urinary tract infections)
  • Helps reduce friction inside the urethra
  • Plenty of options from a wide variety of brands, including travel catheters and discreet pocket catheters
  • The hydrophilic coating acts as a lubricant that will not slough off
  • Fewer items to pack or carry


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