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How do I reorder my supplies with 180 Medical?

reorder 180 medical suppliesReady to reorder your supplies with 180 Medical? We make it quick and easy to reorder the supplies you need with automatic shipment schedules that can go out every 30 days (monthly) or 90 days (tri-monthly), depending on your insurance plan’s requirements.

Many insurance companies, including Medicare and state Medicaid plans, require medical suppliers to confirm that the customer needs to reorder before shipping.

If you have insurance that requires we confirm before shipping your supplies, there are three easy ways to confirm your upcoming order.

1. Log in to your Customer Portal Account

Visit to log into your secure customer portal account or register for a new account.

Customer portal login

In the Customer Portal, you can view, request changes to, or confirm your upcoming orders.


2. Confirm your shipment by email

Prefer email communication? Let our Confirmation Specialists know, and we’ll set your account up to receive email confirmation alerts.

Ten days before your scheduled shipment, you’ll receive an email reminder that your next order is upcoming.

To confirm by email, click the Refill Now button in the email you receive from 180 Medical.

Then, follow the prompts on the screen to:

  • Enter your date of birth
  • Verify the shipping month, customer name, and whether you are currently receiving home healthcare
  • Verify the number of supplies you currently have on hand


3. Reorder supplies and confirm by phone call

Prefer to talk to someone on the phone? We can do that too! Just let us know your preferences.

Then, around seven to ten days before your order is due to ship, our Confirmation Specialist team will begin calling to confirm or change your next order.

If you miss a call from us, call (405) 603-8215 to speak to one of our Confirmation Specialists.

You will be asked to confirm your date of birth, the supplies in your shipment, and the quantity you have on hand.

Call Our Confirmation Team

Get More Answers About the Confirmation Process at:

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