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How do I use adhesive remover wipes or spray?

Adhesive remover wipes or adhesive remover spray, such as the popular ESENTA™ Sting-Free Ostomy Skincare Adhesive Remover Products, helps remove pouch adhesive residue from your peristomal skin (the area around your stoma) to keep it clean and healthy.

esenta adhesive remover wipes and spray

Plus, ostomy pouch adhesive remover may help prevent damage to the skin caused by adhesive residue and reduce irritation. This is especially helpful for people using one-piece ostomy pouches or people who change their pouches frequently.

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How to Use Adhesive Remover Wipes

Use adhesive remover wipes when you change your ostomy pouch by gently wiping one along the leading edge of the appliance as you slowly remove the adhesive.

How to Use Adhesive Remover Spray

With the spray form of adhesive remover, use the spray to moisten a paper towel and use it the same way you would a wipe, gently removing the adhesive along the edge of your pouch as you remove it.


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