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What are the HCPCS codes for ostomy supplies?

The Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) is a collection of codes that signify certain medical supplies and procedures for insurance billing purposes.

Here are some of the common HCPCS codes you might see for ostomy pouches and related ostomy supplies. This is not a comprehensive list.

Common HCPCS Codes for Ostomy Supplies

HCPCS Code Product Type
A4367 Ostomy belt
A4394 Ostomy deodorant
A4419 Closed ostomy pouch, two-piece with filter
A4387 Closed ostomy pouch, one-piece with convex barrier
A4388 Drainable ostomy pouch, one-piece with extended wear barrier
A4391 Urostomy pouch, one-piece with standard wear barrier
A4407 Ostomy skin barrier with flange, extended wear, convex
A4419 Two-piece closed ostomy pouch with filter
A4456 Adhesive remover wipes
A5120 Skin barrier wipes
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