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Does Medicare cover ostomy supplies?

Yes, Medicare typically covers 80% of the cost of ostomy supplies. If you have a supplemental or secondary insurance plan, your ostomy supplies might be completely covered.

The below chart breaks down the standard allowable amount of supplies you may be eligible to receive per month if you have Medicare insurance coverage.

Ostomy Supply Types Medicare Allowable Quantity
Drainable ileostomy or colostomy pouches Up to 20 per month
Urostomy pouches Up to 20 per month
Closed ileostomy or colostomy pouches Up to 60 per month
Skin barriers with flange Up to 20 per month
Adhesive remover wipes 150 every 3 months
Ostomy belt 1 per month
Skin barrier paste 1 4 oz. tube per month
Protective wipes 150 every 6 months
Protective stoma powder 1 10 oz. bottle every 6 months


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