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Category: New to Ostomy

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Drainable or Closed?: Choosing the Right Ostomy Pouch for You

Considering what type of ostomy pouch might be right for you? Our latest blog breaks down the differences between drainable and closed-end pouches.

What Types of Urostomy Bags Are Right For You?

After urostomy surgery, you’ll naturally have a lot of questions…

How to Know Which Colostomy Bag Is Right For You

There are many various colostomy product options available on the market today. Learn more with our latest blog and see which one might fit your needs and lifestyle best.

Our Top 5 Ostomy Blog Posts of 2021

We’re excited to start 2022 with brand-new educational content, including…

Adjusting to Life with an Ostomy Bag

Have you recently had or are you about to undergo…

Common Issues: Intimacy After Ostomy Surgery

Having a new ostomy is a major life change. So…

The Importance of Ostomy Awareness Day

At 180 Medical, our Ostomy Specialists get the unique privilege…

The Top 5 Myths About Living with an Ostomy

Between 725,000 and 1 million Americans live with an ostomy….

Things You Should Know About Peristomal Skin Health

For those living with an ostomy, peristomal skin problems like…

Physical Activity with an Ostomy

After ostomy surgery, your first thoughts may be focused on…

What Can I Eat After Colostomy Surgery?

Are you about to undergo colostomy surgery and wondering how this new procedure is going to affect your diet? Get the scoop on colostomies and post-surgery nutrition here!

5 Things to Consider After Your Ostomy Surgery

About to undergo an ostomy surgery? Here are five things you should know about life after an ostomy.