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Pediatric Catheters

Pediatric Catheters


At 180 Medical we are aware of the difficulties and inconveniences you face daily when having to cath your child. Through our experience working with parents, we’ve found that most parents have only been introduced to using an intermittent straight catheter.

Your Pediatric Catheter Specialists

Parents are amazed to learn about all the different catheter choices available. There are several features inherent to pediatric catheters which enhance your ability to maintain a sterile environment when cathing your child. Closed system kits come with ready-to-use collection bags and sterile gloves, and our hydrophilic pediatric urinary catheters promote excellent gliding properties that ensure easier, more comfortable insertion.

We know each situation and child is unique, and not every product will work for everyone. With the largest selection of the top brands of catheters for children, we’re confident that we can supply the right catheter for their needs that will also be covered by your insurance. Our catheter options include male, female, and pediatric lengths for you to choose from in many brands like Coloplast, GentleCath, Bard, Apogee, LoFric, Hi-Slip, Cure Medical, MTG, Hollister, Rusch, and more.


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Free Pediatric Self-Cathing Resources

Boys and Girls Self-Cathing Instructional Materials180 Medical Kids Club


At 180 Medical we believe in patient education. We have the 180 Medical Kids Club available for free resources to help children learn to self-catheterize on their own.

We know that every situation and person is unique. To meet the challenge of selecting the best catheters for children to suit his or her needs, we have a fully trained staff available live by phone at 1-877-688-2729. We’d love the opportunity to help with your child’s catheter supply needs!

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