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Pediatric Catheters

180 Medical is a leading catheter supplier in America, trusted by parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals across America. In addition to carrying the best pediatric catheters in a wide range of types from all major brands, we also provide ongoing support, top-of-the-line customer service, resources for learning to catheterize, and so much more.

Pediatric Catheters – All Brands and Types

Did you know there are all kinds of different catheter types and options available? We know each and every child is unique in their needs for catheters, whether they’re living with spina bifida, a J-pouch, a Mitrofanoff procedure, a spinal cord injury, cauda equina syndrome, neurogenic bladder, or another condition.

In other words, there’s no single catheter product that will work for everyone. That’s why we carry the largest selection of pediatric catheters for children. If you’re seeking help finding a catheter that will work best for your child, we’re confident that we can supply the right catheter for their needs that will also be covered by your insurance.

Our catheter options include male, female, and pediatric lengths for you to choose from top brands like Coloplast, GentleCath, BD, LoFric, Hi-Slip, Cure™, MTG, Hollister, Rusch, and more.

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What is a Pediatric Catheter?

A pediatric catheter is a urinary catheter that comes in sizes that are more appropriate for an infant or child’s anatomy.

While some male length (16 inches) and female length (6-8 inches) catheters come in smaller French sizes to aid in more comfortable pediatric urinary catheterization, most pediatric length catheters are around 10 inches long.

Pediatric urinary catheter supplies come in a wide variety of options, types, and brands, so don’t limit yourself. If your child is having difficulty with one type of catheter

Types of Pediatric Urinary Catheters

Different types of coudé catheters are available, depending on your anatomy and preferences. These options include:

  • Uncoated pediatric straight catheters
  • Hydrophilic and pre-lubricated pediatric catheters
  • Pediatric closed system catheter kits

If your child requires a coude insertion tip, 180 Medical has options too.

Pediatric Straight Catheters

This is the most common type of intermittent catheter. It’s typically a straight, uncoated tube made of plastic, silicone, red rubber, or another flexible material.

When using straight pediatric catheter supplies, you will want to make sure to coat your child’s catheter well with lubricating jelly prior to use to make the process of pediatric catheter insertion more smooth.

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Hydrophilic Pediatric Catheters

Pediatric catheter supplies also come in more advanced options, such as hydrophilic or pre-lubricated catheters for children.

They’re similar to the basic straight catheters with one key difference. They are ready to be fully lubricated with a simple application of a sterile saline solution, which is often included with the catheter in a separate breakable packet. This packet is designed to be easy to pop, then you just have to let the catheter soak in the solution in order to fully activate its hydrophilic coating.

Many hydrophilic catheter options are pre-activated or pre-lubricated, meaning they’re ready to use as soon as your child is ready to catheterize.

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Pediatric Closed System Catheter Kits for Children

Closed system catheters are great for children who are prone to urinary tract infections from catheterization. Plus, they’re an ideal product for travel, since closed system catheter kits for children are often an all-in-one product. This means in addition to a pre-lubricated or hydrophilic catheter, which is integrated inside its own urine collection chamber, you may find a product with additional insertion supplies such as gloves, antiseptic wipes, and underpads.

Pediatric closed system catheter supplies are great especially for children in wheelchairs, since they don’t have to transfer to a toilet in order to cath. Also, many parents whose toddlers or infants require catheterization prefer closed system catheters for their overall ease of use.

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Parents are amazed to learn about all the different catheter choices available. There are several features inherent to pediatric catheters which enhance your ability to maintain a sterile environment when cathing your child. Closed system kits come with ready-to-use collection bags and sterile gloves, and our hydrophilic pediatric urinary catheters promote excellent gliding properties that ensure easier, more comfortable insertion.

We know each situation and child is unique, and not every product will work for everyone. With the largest selection of the top brands of catheters for children, we’re confident that we can supply the right catheter for their needs that will also be covered by your insurance.

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Pediatric Catheter Specialists

At 180 Medical, we are proud to have decades of experience in helping parents and caregivers of children who use pediatric catheters.

We know and hear firsthand about some of the challenges you might face when learning to cath your child or helping your child learn to self-cath. In addition to carrying the best pediatric catheters in a wide range of types from all major brands, we also provide ongoing support, resources for learning to use catheters, and so much more!

We know that every situation and person is unique. To meet the challenge of selecting the best catheters for children to suit their needs, we have a fully trained staff. We’d love the opportunity to help with your child’s catheter supply needs!

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Free Pediatric Self-Catheterization Resources

Boys and Girls Self-Cathing Instructional Materials180 Medical Kids Club


At 180 Medical, we believe in patient education. We have the 180 Medical Kids Club available as well as plenty of other free resources to help children learn to self-catheterize.

Plus, we offer online pediatric catheterization instructions at

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