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Catheter Types

by kier July 20 2012 10:28
Many individuals have to use catheters for medical reasons. Here at 180 Medical, we carry all of the top brands of catheters and various types for our customers. We are one of the leading suppliers in the United States and we specialize in supplying catheters to those with medical conditions such as spina bifida and spinal cord injuries. The types of catheters that we supply are:  

1. Intermittent Straight and Coudé Catheters

Intermittent catheters are the simplest form of them on the market. Based on the original prototype, an intermittent catheter is actually a blanket term for short-use catheters, but has more specifically come to mean a straight catheter with a funnel at one end and a rounded tip at the other, often made of rubber or plastic. Because of their simple design, these catheters are some of the most affordable on the market and are especially good for people who have inadequate or non-existent insurance.  

2. Hydrophilic Catheters

These are a type of urinary catheter that is coated with a hydrophilic polymer that becomes slippery when wet. The difference between this catheter and a simple straight one is that people do not have to lubricate the device prior to use, but simply use the water packets to activate the hydrophilic properties. The coating makes for smoother insertion with less friction, thereby decreasing the chance of damage to the urethra.  

 3. Closed System Catheters  

Sterility is one of the most important parts of sanitary and UTI-free usage, and closed system catheters offer that. The system is entirely self-contained with a collection bag for the urine, an introducer tip to provide easier and safer insertion, and a pre-lubricatied catheter. For those who are looking for the convenience of being able to catheterize anywhere, a closed system makes it possible. Where one would need access to a toilet in order to use a regular intermittent catheter, a closed system catheter allows people to cath in any place where they have privacy. Closed system catheters are also ideal for those in wheelchairs.

At 180 Medical, we pride ourselves in offering a variety of catheter types to fit our customers' needs and budgets. People looking for the right catheter should discuss their unique needs with their doctor to ensure the best possible selection of device.