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180 Medical Product News: SpeediCath® Soft Hydrophilic Catheter

At 180 Medical, we’re all about keeping you up-to-date on…

Catheter Product News: Hollister Onli Ready-to-Use Hydrophilic Catheter

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Catheter Product News: SpeediCath Compact Catheter for Men & Women

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180 Medical Product News: Actreen Mini Cath Catheter Set for Women

The Actreen Mini Cath is a great option for women who self-cath and want a discreet, low-profile female catheter option. Find out more!

Pocket Catheters 101

Pocket catheters are in demand, as more people want an intermittent urinary catheter that offers them discretion, privacy, and peace of mind along with comfort. Find out more about some of the main types that could work for you!

180 Medical Product News: CompactCath Intermittent Catheter

Find out more about one of the newest ready-to-use catheter products on the market, the discreet CompactCath intermittent urinary catheter for men and women.

180 Medical Product News: SpeediCath Flex Coudé Pro Catheter

Find out more about one of the newest ready-to-use coudé catheter products on the market, the Speedicath Flex Coudé intermittent catheter.

180 Medical Product News: Cure Ultra

We now carry the newest Cure product, the Ultra, a ready-to-use catheter for women. Learn more about this intermittent female catheter with our latest blog!

180 Medical Product News: Introducing Bard Magic3 GO Catheters

Find out more about the Bard Magic 3 Go, a female-length hydrophilic catheter designed to make your catheterization experience easier and more comfortable.