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180 Medical Joins the 2015 Corporate Challenge

At 180 Medical, we always jump at the chance to participate in local community events. We especially love it when we can get active for a great cause like the 2015 Corporate Challenge.

180 Medical’s Employees Pitching In

This year, we had a great turnout of 180 Medical employees from the OKC metro area who participated in the OU Medicine Corporate Challenge.

Our staff competed in various events, such as volleyball, tug-of-war, basketball, and racing. In addition, plenty of other employees showed up just to volunteer and be encouraging cheerleaders for our fellow coworkers who were competing.
180 medical corporate challenge 2015
As always, it was an absolute blast of a weekend. Despite the heat, we enjoyed every moment. Plus, it’s for such a great cause.

About the 2015 Corporate Challenge

The OU Medicine Corporate Challenge is a fun time that brings together various companies from the Oklahoma City area together to compete in games. It also raises funds for the UCO Endeavor Games, a nationally recognized sporting competition for physically challenged athletes.

We can’t wait for next summer’s fun!

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180 Medical Joins the 2015 Corporate Challenge
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