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Tornado Relief Efforts for Moore, OK

Recently, an F5 tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma, on May 20, 2013. Many homes were destroyed in the wake of this huge storm. That’s why 180 Medical decided to band together to help collect funds and supplies for tornado relief for Moore.

Also, many of our customers have reached out to us at 180 Medical, since our headquarters is nearby in Oklahoma City, OK. We so appreciate all your kind words, thoughts, and concerns.

Luckily, we can reassure you that all our employees are safe and sound. However, not everyone in the area made it through the storm unscathed.

Tornado Relief for Moore

Luckily, we can reassure you that all our employees are safe and sound. However, not everyone’s homes made it through unscathed. In fact, several of our employees who live in the Moore area had homes that were impacted by the tornado.

180 Medical joined together as a team to collect items to donate to those who lost their homes. Plus, many employees have demonstrated the 180 Way by volunteering to help clean up the damaged areas.

180 Medical Employees Helping for Tornado Relief for Moore

Are you a customer of 180 Medical? Were your supplies were lost or damaged due to the storms? Contact us at (877) 688-2729.

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Tornado Relief Efforts for Moore, OK
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