180 Medical at the Movies!

Each quarter, if our company meets the determined goal, 180 Medical takes us to a movie! Well, we made our quarterly goal again. This quarter, we all got to go to the movie theater in small groups during the workday to see “Captain Philips.”

180 medical movies 1

We all loaded up on popcorn, candy, hot dogs, nachos, and drinks, courtesy of the company, and got to spend the afternoon with our co-workers watching a great flick! How many workplaces do you know of that give the opportunity for such awesome rewards?

180 medical movies 2

180 medical movies 3

180 Medical has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma for another year for a reason! Interested in being a part of our team? Come check out currently available jobs and apply at www.180medical.com/careers!

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Jessica is the Marketing Specialist at 180 Medical and has been a part of the 180 family for over 9 years. In her downtime, she enjoys creative writing, making art, seeing new places, and spending time with her loved ones.